Sunday, 26 April 2009

109 Mail Call


New Codex IG and the latest UK White Dork have arrived.


Initial thoughts about New World Order to follow.

That is all.

- Drax.

[image from GW:]


  1. Jealous. Need to get my copy.

  2. Very nice - I'm jealous! Won't get my stuff until next weekend. Ah well, gotta support the FLGS when possible.

    Definitely interested to hear what you think!

  3. Very good - all I wonder is what you are doing online at all! Be off, be reading! There are army lists to be constructed!

    Enjoy mate :P

  4. Meh. Still about a week till mine, unless they actualy get it earlier. We don't get GW stores here at all and somehow I don't thin they let retailers sell it earlier.

  5. welcome to the owners club!

    ok now tell me about the characters you like :D

  6. Uhh, "White Dork?"

    Is that some subtle commentary? ;)

  7. Oh I'm so jealous! I told my local GW grunts that you Brits were getting your preoders already and they were dumbstruck. The employees over here haven't even got a chance to get theirs yet.

  8. ahh I have only fondled my FLGS copy.

    That is when Sandwyrm isn't drooling at it.

    I should have my official copy soon, like all the other Yanks, and can begin in earnest planning how the new Inquisition armies will look.

  9. My copy hasn't come yet! Dammit! >.<

  10. ooh. I've got an idea for ya Drax.

    Heavy Weapon Teams Firing 0ut of the back of a Chimera.

    can't be shot up and insta-killed if they're not targetable (inside the transport), and when the transport blows up, each base can take a wound, and still be a viable Heavy Weapon.

  11. I don't quite get GW's advance orders. For a company as mercenary as they are, I'm amazed that if you simply go to the trouble of asking for things before other people(?!) you get it significantly cheaper AND don't have to pay postage either!

    And Farmpunk, that is a naughty, naughty idea. They can't take one as a transport though, so it'd be turn two at the earliest before they could fire. How does moving and firing work? I guess troops count as moving, eh?


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