Thursday 23 April 2009

108 Rookie Reinforcements


Having bought scarcely anything in the last year other than an ebayed techpriest and the bits for my wyvern conversion (and thanks, by the way, to those of you sharing your great versions of this vehicle), I thought I caved the other day whilst killing time waiting for a bus.

I've very little spare cash after the honeymoon, and the toyshop in town has a very limited selection, so I thought I'd try the pack o' five cadians, to allow the tiny expansion I'm considering to my infantry:
It cost £5, and it's exactly what I expected...though it was a frustration to realise there was no transfer sheet. I should've expected that, I guess.

Well, I know it's not much when everyone and his dog appears to have both new models AND the new codex, but work's melted my brain this week, so I just wanted to 'say' something 40K-related.

I'm exctited about all this 'new codex' gumpf - I really am!

- Drax.


  1. Perhaps you have a birthday coming up? Or some weird UK holiday that we don't know about here across the pond?

    I know how you feel though. I don't have any unusual urge to buy anything (just all the usual urges), I just want to work on something that is not made of resin and is less than 18" tall.

  2. Oops - wrong photo; now corrected.

    And Geek - maybe you should get some of the new ratlings, eh?

  3. I thought that was rather impressive for a fiver!

    I am lucky enough to have more of the old ratlings than I will probably ever need. But who knows, maybe there will be an all ratling build that will change my mind!

  4. Nice buy! It's wierd when I consider buying more GW stuff... I always feel drawn to buy a large expensive model, even from Forgeworld, but I find that if I spend between £5-£10 on a smaller model or box as in your case, it satisfies my thirst for wanting! Small doses are the best way to go, especially with the new codex coming out to rob you of your will and causing you to relentlessly spend on excellent Guard models

  5. The slot-in box o' guardsmen is pretty handy to fill in gaps in your troop squads. I have used a couple of them myself and once they're painted they're virtually indistinguishable from the multi-part guardsmen! They're also not a bad way to ease new players into the hobby as well, I find. Of course, it's just a small step from a little box like this to startlingly large army purchases... May is going to be a rough month on the entertainment budget!

  6. I do buy some of the small boxes when ive lost a model, oh spacie how could i have left you in the woods at my FLGS. And It is much easier to say that your going to finish the small box then daunting task of having to paint ten more rather then the magic number in the smaller box.

  7. Thats a really great buy, Iv never seen a box of them before!
    It free's up your bits for more creative squads too... You could use all your decent bits on a vet squad and have a half hand made and half (of these) prebuilt squad for your normal infantry!! Im going to buy a box of these!
    Craig @ cadian8th

  8. I'm really surprised that they are all essentially pre-assembled with the snap-on guns. If I didn't know that when I bought them, I'd probably be upset.

    But now that I know that...I could probably tolerate them...

  9. You may want to paint them with red shirts, them being expendable rookies and all. (Star Trek reference, for those who don't know.)

  10. If it makes you feel better, my budget only allowed for the new codex, a couple of paints, and some Scout Sniper heads for my Veterans. Not all of us are buying our hearts out!

    Also, my verification word for this comment is 'Hamothep'. Was he the Egyptian Pharaoh who was obsessed with pork?

  11. So, is the new codex available in store then? Its been half a year since I walked into a GW...

    I've been planning to buy the AOBR box for a while now, the snap-fit models in there are great for expanding your collection quickly and efficiently.

    So what are these planned extensions? Or are they in your army list on the first post?

  12. Shame there's no transfer sheet - I think that's about the one detriment to the 5 quid a box mini-squad.

  13. I cracked ... I couldn't take it anymore ... I'd heard rumours about the battleforces going up in price and just HAD to buy a TAU and TYRANID battleforce before the end...

    Looks like I'm buying nothing but a Guard codex for 6 months...

    AT least everyone else can make the mistakes!

  14. I bought that IG set too. I wanted to test some paint schemes for when I eventually make my guard army...I figured for 8 bucks, I can't go wrong.

  15. Strewth!

    That's 14 more comments than I was expecting for this post! Thanks, all.

    @ Wanderer: I simply LOVE the 'redshirt' idea! Weren't GW employees called 'redshirts' for a while too? And if so, does that mean they're at risk?

    @ Techpriest: Love it! I laughed for some time about your comment at a time when I needed thank you!

    @ Itkovian: It looks like my only expansion is likely to entail buffing and expanding my veterans> I need about a dozen more bodies, and I think (finance allowing - the Bermuda jaunt has left me skint) that might include the Cadian command squad and maybe (just maybe) a few more FW bitz...

    Thanks, guys.


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