Thursday 2 April 2009

105 New Wyvern Pics

Evening, All.

I managed to get away from work early today, and (as it was a beautiful afternoon and Mrs. Drax was out) I decided to use the time to take some decent daylight photos of my wyvern conversion. I'm going to sit tight on my rules for it until the new Codex release, but see here for my initial thoughts. [For conversion details, track back through this.] Here's the main variant:
Here's the enclosed variant scout salamander:
...And here's the entirely useful wyvern annihilator variant (non troop-carrying):
You'll note the magnetised interchangeable hull/dorsal weapons - more details on these can be be found here. This last one's a photo of all the constituent parts:
Hope you enjoyed these better quality pics: more posts soon,

- Drax


  1. Very, very nice dude. Magnet job is a good 'un! Just needs some weathering imo

  2. the wyvern is really a great conversion. check my blog out soon I could be selling a squad of guard and a sentinel in order to fund a new FW sentinel! there'll be a proper post

  3. Thanks, chaps.

    As for weathering: I've always steered away from it. I tried it in the early days (long before I knew about sophisticated techniques!) but ultimately I like how pristine my vehicles mostly are - and I'm buggered if I'm going to retro-weather 150 guardsmen to go with them!

    Nope. I'll continue to admire other people's weathering but for now at least I'm steering clear.

    Almost the weekend - hooray!

  4. I've been thinking of doing a chimera variant for a while now--when I get around to it I'm definitely going to have to use your Wyvern pages as a reference!

    Great variants, all of them!

  5. That's some handy magnet work indeed! I always enjoy seeing this conversion.

  6. That is one handsome vehicle there! I can't wait to try something similar with my guards soon!
    well done!

  7. The interchangeable weapons are a brilliant idea. I wish I could find these magnets! I have literally just got my heavy bolters standing in place for my razorback. Great tank bud - do you want to take a shot at my crons, or should I just get them to lay down?!

  8. Very nice, the better lighting shows it off even better. Thank you very much for posting these up - they've gone on my screensaver!

  9. That's some great converting work. I'm also impressed by the magnet use! Good stuff!

  10. Fantastic stuff! I've shamelessly appropriated your ideas for a pair of new Company and Squad command tanks for my guard. I find it amusing that it's actually easier to assemble this conversion of the chimera kit than it is to build a chimera the 'right' way! Cranked out a pair of wyvern style tanks in less than an hour, using nothing but bits from the kit plus a couple spare Autocannons from the heavy weapons sprues (replacing the multilaser). Keep up the great work!

  11. THANK YOU for your great comments - I really appreciate it.

    And Mordian 7th: any chance of some pics?

    - Drax.

  12. Sure - Took a quick snapshot hereThere's a couple other guard conversions I've done hereKeep up the great work!

  13. Wow. My format-fu is weak today.

    Can't wait to see your future work!

  14. Mordian 7th: Wow! That stuff is awesome!

    Everyone else: Go and see Mordia 7th's stuff!

  15. Thanks!

    I've decided to follow your lead and set up a blog to help me focus on getting the army built and painted. You can check it out here:

    Have a good one!


    Thanks mate. You've some cracking stuff!

  17. Thanks! I finished off the Wyverns that I was painting, gotta tell ya the more I look at 'em the more I want to ditch my old chimeras entirely and re-do them all in this style. Thanks again for the inspiration!


  18. Aw man, i only just found this tank, it looks AMAZING! i am definately getting on the enclosed Salamander bandwagon that youve created :D

  19. Very glad you like it, TSINI!

    Chimera conversions seem to have kinda gone off peoples' radar a bit; not least because their rules have changed so they're actually far more useful now...


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