Sunday, 5 April 2009

106 Camoflage Theory

I'm off on honeymoon tomorrow (only 18 months late!) to Bemuda, but before I go I thought I'd share this link with you. It's from the BBC News website; a very short presentation on varieties of camouflage in the natural world by Professor Innes Cuthill from the University of Bristol:

The accompanying music's predictably dodgy, but I found the presentation interesting.

I leave midday tomorrow. If anyone wants to propose any cool or tricky Imperial Guard-related conundrums for me to chew through and ponder en route, do please comment in the usual way. I'll have my notebook with me for the journey, but fresh ideas to mull over are always welcome. all suggestions gratefully received!

- Drax.


  1. Have fun on the honeymoon! You and the Missus come back safe. :)

  2. Avoid the water and salads. The salads are usually washed in regular local water so it can get you sick as quick as drinking the water. That's how I enjoyed a day on the toilet on my last trip to the tropics!

    A 40k thought to ponder. If a dreadnaught is like unto a walking tank, shouldn't they be called 'tread-nots'?

  3. Ok, here's a project for you: Create a complete Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) for your Imperial Guard forces.

    If that's too easy, come up with a complete personnel roster for your forces as well.

    Only when that's done can you enjoy Bermuda. :) Enjoy yourself!

  4. Gratz bro! Now you make sure to bring your paints and minis with you to keep up on this blogging stuff... a mans gotta have priorities :)

  5. @The 25mm Warrior: Don't tell him that! Mrs. Drax would probably kill him if he brought miniatures to paint during his honeymoon!

  6. Only a year and a half late. You are way ahead of us. I think we were four years late for our honeymoon. My wife did not seem to think the 3 day speed drive across the us counted moving from Michigan to California.

    Have Fun.

  7. Awesome find, how did I not see this post on its original posting date! Thanks for sharing, I'm trying to put together some stuff on camo myself for my fairy folk.
    Hope the honeymoon went well bud


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