Saturday 27 June 2009

131 Hardened Vets Progress Update


Just some quick pics, so you can see how stuff's progressing with my vets. I've been modelling more than painting - these little buggers seem to take forever!

Firstly, G/Sgt Harker is getting painted up now... I'll get a close-up of his backpack once he's done:
Secondly, a vague look at the progress on my heavy flamer - I don't like the new vertically stacked command squad version of it, so I put mine side-by-side:
Thirdly, my vet lascannon crew. Most of you know by now that I'm not a big fan of either the 60mm base or the plastic lascannon, so I was originally going to have them fully dug-in and covered in a camo-net - almost in protest! Luckily, common sense prevailed, and I went for it with a 'prone' loader/observer and a stripped-down lascannon (in the background). You for those of you (Hal'jin!) who dislike right hands, you may appreciate the las-carbine swap in lieu of the basic laspistol:
Finally a general shot, including the FW Weissmann model (my new Fleet Officer)...and the monstrously overpriced You-Know-Who lurking in the background:


  1. Man, that camo is so sweet, it's so hard to get the balance of colours right to keep the model's shape, but you have pulled it off perfectly. Bravo! It must take a long time to paint though...

    That lascannon team looks great too.

  2. Great looking work as always. I too didnt like the look of that new heavy flamer, your side-by-side conversions looks far better. It's the route I'll take when I get back to my IG!

  3. Nice work, Drax! I really like what you've done with the heavy flamer, that's an inspired change that looks much better than the original stacked vertical version. The Harker in progress looks really cool, I'm interested to see that come together, not just so I can appropriate yet another of your ideas! Heheh.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hurrah for Harden Vets! The one time you can go to town on the conversions without thinking "Oh Throne I have 9 other squads of these to go.."

    The squad looks great, well done.
    Can't wait to see the Harker model too.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Looking real good, Drax! Can't wait to see that Harker finished. I see you have quite a lot nifty, unique heads. Where are those black guys from third picture from?

    Also the Heavy Flamer is great, much better than the GW one. If I ever do one I'll mst likely do it that way.

  6. uh, where is Hacker's head.....

    I like the lascannon team, and the camo netting would be sweet!

  7. Thanks, All - particularly for your support of the heavy flamer.

    Unlike Darkwing's awesome patterns, my camo's based on the UK 'DPM' style, but it's very easy to make it look rubbish. Thankfully, it usually works out okay.

    The heads - like quite a few of the bits - are from the FW Veterans upgrade kit. The chap with the grenade launcher has a head from the old(er) sentinel kit. I don't know if it shows, but he has a cigar!

    Harker's head is a Cadian sergeant with the hair removed: it's being painted separately at the moment.

    I was tempted to paint Harker up in different camo, but I don't think I will. Too much like hard work!

    Please do borrow/steal/appropriate ideas; though I warn you the flamer conversion pipe-bending is a little awkward.

  8. Still working on these bunnies.

    I have twenty of them 'in progress' - sadly, most of the ones which are almost done are not destined for the first squad I want to complete!

    Wouldn't you just know it?!


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