Saturday, 20 June 2009

128 Demo CHARGE!


I recently noted that I had only five models left to finish in order to complete my two new re-structured 'tactical' platoons.

Happily, I've been able to get out to The Shed the last couple of nights, so they're now finished but for the basing*:
I quite like the demo charge model, and I've decided to call him a 'wrecker', courtesy of a suggestion from Siph_Horridus. Apologies for the cruddy indoor photo and lack of variety - the camera ran out of juice.

Hopefully I can base them this afternoon/this evening but it's a trifle awkward as we have a house guest. Damnit. Luckily(ish) he has to wait in for someone to come and fix his windscreen, so I've time to kill - hence blogging now, whilst the varnish is going off.

The next pics will hopefully be of the new tactical platoons, with new squad-by-squad profiles too.

- Drax.

*And yes, I know I should base first, but almost my entire army is already built and undercoated, so that's not really an option.


  1. Excellent! You know how much I like these Demo Charge models...

  2. Tee-hee!

    Have you noted my new mini-feature about demo charges down my left-hand sidebar?

    - Drax

  3. Excellent! My models are famous! Glad to see someone is keeping track of my many war wounds!

  4. Looking good Drax! Is that the Ork tankbusta bomb? I am pretty sure it is as I just used one for my demolition vets myself! I haven't used it yet though. The only time I used a demo charge that 'hit' was when I was using my Tanith. Rawne hefted a tube charge that 'accidently' back onto Gaunt and his squad, killing all bar Gaunt himself!
    As always, keep up the good work!

  5. @Kron: Interesting: I didn't know the ork one was an option...

    It's actually the Forgeworld Cadian Upgrade version of the demo-charge - I love the bits on that kit!

    Thanks for looking, mate.

    - Drax.


    All I have to do is find some space and get photographing. Yay!

  7. Good looking guard. I love the motion on that Demo charge guard!

  8. Those look great Drax - I especially like the 'burned' look you manage to achieve on the ends of the meltas and flamers. I definitely struggle to get that to look convincing!

    Can't wait to see the final shots!

  9. Glad you liked the 'wrecker' name. Awesome, I have imparted knowledge. Siph @ weemen

  10. Thanks, Siph - glad to help!

    @Mordian7th: It's just Brazen Brass drybrushed back from the muzzle then the same again with Chaos Black.

    If that's any help.

  11. really nice work mate!! great looking little squad. especially faces and weapon tips

  12. Thanks; though it's worth noting that technically they're parts of two squads...


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