Saturday, 1 August 2009

142 Progress Update: Stormtroopers


Some of you know that I'm quite a fan of the beret-style stormtroopers. After a few ebay grabs a couple of years ago and some real kindness from this blog community, I've actually accumulated quite a few of the blighters now, so here are the first five that I've been working on. They just need to be based now:
I've deliberately kept them very simple, and - as the casts are rubbish, even on the brand new ones I have - I've not bothered with much in the way of detailing. It's simply not worth it.
The meltaguns are both converted, though I do have one original metal version stripped down.

I do enjoy the 'tache on the sergeant though - looks just like an old staff sergeant of mine...:
Just a bit of fun, I know.

Two points of interest though:

1) The models have the flattest noses in the world: I actually built them up with 2-3 layers of paint.

2) I don't know if it's just the old plastic, but whilst stripping some paint from some of the older models I noticed that the plastic actually got soft! Never had that happen before, and I'm worried I may actually have ruined what little detail there was on 4 or 5 of the old models. Damnit.


- Drax.


  1. I've been converting old RT era plastic guardsmen for mortars and conscripts... the old plastic is SO soft you can literally pull it around with a cocktail stick. Nice 'commandos' sir, very neat.

    On another note, sorry I didn't get to visit you when down in plympy, I'm back down (for maintenance) in six months - hopefully we can catch up then.

  2. Looking good Drax.

    I know what you mean about older castings. I've got some beret heads from another producer but the faces look so weird, I can't put them on my actual mini's.

    Keep the para's coming mate.


  3. Nice job, its good to see the old school Stormtroopers still in service!

  4. whats the pla colour-scheme-wise? are they going to have your wicked camo pattern?

  5. Thanks, All!

    Kings: I'm afraid that's it: I said I was keeping it simple! Just grey and black with some bits of colour. C'est tout.

    Hopefully that way I'll be able to bust out a few more soon, too...

    - Drax.

  6. well they'll blend in with your bases then i guess!

  7. That moustache is so badass. I love those models!

    And I have to say, y'know, your painting is definitely getting better with every mini no matter how much you deny that. ;) But I can see a mold line on the leftmost model on the shot form the back, tsk tsk!

  8. Ha-ha! Thanks!

    The advice people gave me on eyes has helped. And as for mould lines? Pah! These models have hardly anything else!

    (I scraped most of them off, but yeah, I missed a couple, and here's the cool thing: I'm actually trying to be less perfectionist - I'm trying to care less!

    Cheers, mate.

    Oh, and suneokun: don't sweat missing me, and you're always welcome to look me up.

    Hopefully I'll get a driving licence before the year's out, too...

  9. Yes... I too like the 'stache. It reminds me of a grizzled old SSgt that ran the Mortar Square back on Benning... I can just picture this guy yelling "Side bubble, side bubble, TNC!" (an old mortar memory aid for checking your mortar's levelness.)

  10. Hal'jin is right Drax, Your painting has taken a nice step forward with these chaps.

    The faces especially are quite good. The 'tache is quite a nice touch.

    And with these lads, simple schemes are often the best - they are meant to be stealth spec ops experts afterall - you don't need anything too garish.

    Well done.

  11. Very nifty. I like the simple scheme and the characterful gear (like the packs and the stache).

  12. haha brilliant! Completely agree on the awesomeness of the models - hell, I don't even play IG yet had to buy the Sgt!

  13. Mike!

    Been a while - come down and see your ol' mucker, eh?

  14. Oooh paratroopers! Referring to the beret of course, immediately caught my eye. I agree with Hal'jin, your painting is certainly improving. You may even be highlighting soon God forbid!

    Nice work bud

  15. I know I'm late on this, but the beret and mustache guy is just awesome!

  16. Looks great Drax! I hadn't realised the old beret Stormtroopers were plastic, I wonder what the (rumoured) new ones will be like?

    As always, keep up the good work!

  17. Love the sergeant. The beret + moustache just screams British Officer.


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