Thursday, 27 August 2009

150 Lots of Stuff, Including Armoured Fist and Veterans

Evening, All.
In this post you will find: more options for my hardened veterans and also my second Armoured Fist squad. But before that: yesterday's US-style apple pie (Mrs. Drax is from Chicago):

Well, stuff's been quiet on the blogging front, but I've been getting quite a bit of painting done...albeit not nearly so much as I'd hoped. I've just about accumulated the required amount of points for the most recent TOEMP challenge (see logo, right), but sadly not the way I'd planned. I was hoping to finish the Armoured Fist squad in addition to my hardened veterans, but couldn't cobble it all together in time. Plus - of course - I'd completely forgotten that veterans are no longer an Elites choice, which was supposed to be a part of this second challenge.

Plus, only the Vets have had freehand painting on their shoulder pads.


Vets first, then, as they're cooler. My lascannon team. I'm unlikely ever to field them, but it's my first attempt at a model lying prone. This was the single most painstaking infantry model I've ever put together (even more so than my lovely mortars):
I'm fairly happy with their faces for once, but I might add some detail to the sighting lens...:
Next, two models old readers will have seen before; brushed-up, based and finished. Unlike the lascannon team, these are some of my original veterans, so they get similar heraldry to the others I completed recently. I like the old sniper conversion:
Finally, the second of my Armoured Fist squads - the first (equally dull) can be seen here:
Boring, eh? - Their pimped ride is chimera number 2 on this post.

Mind you, the Armoured Fist platoon's HQ unit will be far more interesting, and arriving soon, too!

Cheers all, and thanks again to 73rd for his inspiration. Back at work next week (grrr) so I'll have next to no hobby time. Rats.

- Drax.


  1. Fantastic my friend! This is seriously your best work to date by a clear mile!! The freehand looks great especially

  2. Very nice mate, very nice indeed.

  3. Lookin' good!

    And your models look nice, too ;)

  4. Love the lascannon you got there Admiral

  5. Thanks, guys.

    You may note that the lascannon itself has been altered to make it lower and less bulky.

    The A/F sergeant has an interesting weapon too...

    - Drax.

  6. I think they look great- your camo pattern is quite interesting. Any time I try to paint small areas like that, if I have enough paint on the brush to make it that thick, it goes everywhere and just looks like blobs.

    What was so difficult about getting him to lay down?

  7. I second evan : your camo scheme is impressive. I really like that lascanon team.

  8. The camo scheme on the lascannon team is very effective! It totally breaks up the outline of the models!

    The eyes on the lascannon gunner came out really good too. Good job!

  9. Fantastic stuff Drax! I'll second others comments that these are your best work yet - The heavy weapons teams are fantastic, and I love that camo!

    ...And the pie looks delicious!

  10. Thanks.

    @evanfardreamer and Grégory:

    Cheers about the camo. I showed the details of it on this post: and it looks way better in reality.

    As for the positioning? - nothing too difficult at all: just some shaving, angling and gap-filling. The tricky bit was the co-ordination of the painting and positioning of all the constituent parts.

    @ Darkwing: thank you - appreciated!

    @ Mordian: thanks - and yes: the pie was very tasty. I'm a lucky geek.

  11. Hmm, pie.

    Oh, and, again, great work, Admral!

  12. I like the pie.

    Oh and the plastic men are cool too. ;)

  13. I must say I love the look of your cammo.

    very nice work. very nice...

    PIE... *drool*


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