Thursday, 13 August 2009

147 3 Platoon HQ and 1 Section

Well then,

Here are the two units I've finished courtesy of 73rd's TOEMP kick up the backside: HQ Section and 1 Section of 3 Platoon, B Coy, 2/24th Cadian Light Infantry.

Firstly, HQ Section...although I'm not sure which officer to put with them:
The surplus of officers I now have is because with the advent of the new codex I've gone from three rifle platoons and three support (2x heavy weapon; 1x mortar) platoons to three 'tactical' platoons with organic fire support squads. It doesn't really make a blind bit of difference which I field, as all my officers are equipped the same, and until I can afford the new plastics the metal models are staying!
Here's 1 Section:
You'll note in both cases the newer models haven't been varnished (nor will they be, for a while as I'm re-evaluating my varnishing antics) and as such aren't shiny - I had to use the flash.

Thanks for your kind comments in the last post: I'm pretty pleased with those freehand aquilas...though the '24' designation on the other shoulder remains beyond me!


- Drax.


  1. I've just realised two things:

    1) The officer with the power sword is the same one from my top banner - when he was commanding 1 Fire Support Platoon. Of course, he also had a medic with him back then - I now have four redundant medics *sniff!*

    2) The plasma gunner in the 1 Section pic is actually the wrong model. I picked up the one from 2 Platoon by mistake. Drat.

  2. Paint, paint, paint, eat, paint, paint, sleep, paint, paint, kiss wife, pain, paint.....

    It's a man's life in wargaming and then they expect you to work as well!


  3. drax i was looking at the first two pics thinking why oh why are the officers so shiny... so yes you should review your varnishing methods... i say steer clear but its ok for me to say that because im not a gamer so mine arent manhandled by every man and his dog. but it seems a shame to varnish i think the light that is reflected spoils looking at models!

  4. Yes, John - the 'work' thing's a real bind!

    @Kings: You're right, and I'm re-evaluating for future projects, but the remains of my infantry at least are likely to be similar for the sake of uniformity.

    Actually, I've been realising what a minor pity it is that 1 Pl has the oldest (worst painted) models; then 2 Pl; and 3 Pl (the one I field least often) will have all the newer ones with better paint jobs etc. Now of course I could just swap them round, but that just doesn't quite work for me!


    It's worth pointing out that they are really very hard-wearing and honestly not that shiny without a flash. The dust helps.

    I'm not good enough to go for realistic weathering, and even if I were I certainly wouldn't have the will to go back over all my completed models for uniformity, so for now - at least - I'll stick with the suspension of disbelief.


    - Drax.

  5. Great stuff! I can't believe how quickly you are whizzing through these fellas! Nice work mate!

  6. Very nice, Drax! Looks like you're going to be the pace-setter for this friendly challenge.

  7. It depends on which role you have in mind for the command squad. I would probably run them as a light vehicle/MC hunter unit, so I would probably lean towards the plasma pistol equipped commander. Then again my love of plasma and close support firepower verges on creepy-stalker levels right now, so take that with a grain of salt.

    And good work on the painting! In the pic you have of the infantry squad there are two troopers in the back left who are looking at each other as if nodding and saying "Let's go!" Pretty awesome.


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