Saturday, 8 August 2009

145 A Tale of Even More Painters


You may be aware (if not, why not?) that 73rd over at Unforgiven Angels is quite rightly trying to encourage a few of us ne'er-do-well bloggers to get painting with A Tale of Even More Painters, or TOEMP: you'll find more details on the link above.
I, for my sins, have agreed to give it a go.

In a little while, I'll post my (current) Grand Plans for the Cadian 24th, but for now I'll publically announce some of the units my I intend to get painted:

-- 3Pl HQ and 1 Section
-- 3Pl 2 Section
-- 3Pl 3 Section
-- 3Pl Spec Wpn Squad and Mortar Squad B
-- Armoured Fist HQ and 2 Section
-- Baneblade 'Zarathustra'

Now, I'm not under any illusions here: not only am I a painfully slow painter; I've also got to go back to work at the beginning of September, and it'll be extremely busy: I'm taking over another year group (US: grade) in addition to the one I currently have responsibility for, and my department is going to be homeless for a few months whilst they start work on a new building.

And I think 73rd's going for roughly 10-day deadlines. Yeesh! Still, I like a challenge!

Well, my brother's visiting next week, so I thought I'd make a start on 3Pl HQ and 1 Sect. Because I've rearranged my units since the dawn of the new codex, it turns out that I've some figures already painted, hence going for 15 figures in total. Here's a progress shot:
There is - of course - some other stuff that I'm working on it that shot...

Cheers, aye,

- Drax.


  1. Good luck mate, it'll be interesting to see the platoon grow.

    Also, I wish you the best with the baneblade, I've just finished mine, I started it in April.

  2. Very cool, Admiral - I'm hoping to participate, but it appears my trip to GenCon may interfere with that 1st deadline.

    Can't wait to see your updates - always great stuff! Best of luck in the upcoming endeavors!

  3. Thanks, Admiral, for the heads up on the TOEMP cooperative. It sounds like something that'll definitely help me work through my massive backlog of miniatures.

  4. Good to see that you have a plan already, Admiral.

    I agree that the 10-day deadlines Taskmaster 73rd has presented are going to be tough to meet, but I'm sure we can do it.

    Of course, you might not want to take motivational advice from me, especially when I'm fairly certain that I'm going to be burning my Joker on the first deadline...

  5. Good luck with the painting,

  6. Hehe I can tell I will be seeing a few Jokers in the coming weeks!

    Now Soldier drop and give me 75...points

    Great to see you are ahead with planning. I was gazing over your list and then noticed a Baneblade. Ouch. I do hope that won't end up being decorated in Dark Angels helms!

  7. Cheers, all. For once I've actually made a good start. It's the transfers and the basing which is going to hold me up.

    And 73rd, with the exception of the baneblade, I think mine must be the most boring and repetitive 'to do' list imaginable. I'm intrigued as to how you propose to spice it up for the next slot...

  8. Oh well next challenge is something that I have noticed you don't try often. And believe it or not it isn't anything to do with painting! Apart from that it will have to be painted...

  9. I have just done some investigating my friend! Noticing your superglue from the image I have some news that I am sure will change your life forever. The yellow and black one is a very silent enemy... It encourages frosting! I have used it myself, sprayed the model with varnish, and a snowman appeared. Is that what you have been using with your frosted models? The strength and and scent of it hovers around the glued area and reacts to varnish- Now thinking back, when I stopped using that glue the frosting disappeared!

    Detective 73rd some say...

  10. Fascinating! Thank you, mate!

    I pretty much use superglue for everything, as it's generally great and can be repositioned, but since GW started sticking a bloody brush in theirs, I've found it harder to restock without too much expense.

    The little tubes were courtesy of Plymouth's classy Pound Shop (US: just like a dollar store, but with a worse exchange rate!). Twelve for a quid, and almost certainly a bad idea. They all leak a little at first too.

    ...And may well have contributed to frosting which may - in turn - explain why my frosting antidote failed. Pooh.

    That's real false economy for you there, folks!

  11. Awesome, I'm glad that your in the challenge too mate, I wish you the best of luck!

  12. It'll be nice to watch an IG regiment come to cohesion, I must say. That Baneblade should be something to see!

  13. Who knows? Hopefully I'll get around to the Baneblade. The first lot are almost finished, I'm very pleased to say...

  14. good luck with your troops and don't worry about the baneblade, it is a very large model but a blast to paint!


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