Friday 16 July 2010

209 First Night at New Gaming Club (Part I - Intro)

Wow: what a great time I had!

The club will remain nameless until I've checked with them that it's okay to refer to them, but they were really friendly and welcoming and I had a great game too!

I played a chap called James who was there early to meet me and utterly gentlemanly throughout. He fielded orks and I went for my trusty Guard - a 1500pt game. Because it was a new experience, and because I've just got them all finished up (after seven years!) I thought I'd try something fluffy. I also didn't want to field a nasty, beardy 'killy' army for my first date: I figured that'd be bad form, and it's not my style anyway.

So I went for an entire light infantry company (B Coy, 2/24th Cadian Light Infantry).

In essence, a Coy Comd squad; 3 Platoons, each of 53 men (including heavy and special weapons squads); and a squad of vanilla veterans. Total: 174 men + 4 officers.

The rationale behind this choice (other than that above) was that I was keen to see if the infantry company could hold their own against an all-comers army: I deliberately chose my army list before knowing (and little caring) what I'd be up against, and to James's credit he fielded a generic force too.

I realised as I was packing away my toys that - for three hours - I'd barely looked up from the table! Some of you were kind enough to wish me luck on my 'white-hot geek date' (as a friend termed it) and were interested in how it turned out, so here goes:


EDIT: At this point, Drax's baby started crying, and he accidentally hit 'publish' rather than 'save'! Sorry for the cliffhanger: more to follow very soon...with pictures!


  1. I know it's an intro, but what a cliffhanger!

  2. Great to hear that you are getting back into gaming after so long. You've produced such an awesome Guard force it would be a real shame for them not to see the table.

    I'll agree that its really nice to find a good gaming group, it can really help to keep your gaming mojo going when it starts to wane.

  3. Awesome. Interesting in hearing how the 'date' went ;)

  4. HA!

    Apparently when the baby started crying I pressed 'publish' rather than 'save draft'.


    I didn't even intend to leave it on a cliffhanger!


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