Wednesday, 28 July 2010

215 Hellhound/Devil Dog, Thirty and Junk...

Hey, dudes.

First up, let me drop in a plug for the excellent Terrain from Junk: Tristan's excellent blog which...well, does exactly what it says on the tin. Plus, he has a great competition on at the moment!

Now, please allow me to introduce you to the most recent addition to my forces: a 'devil dog' hellhound variant, Gelert:
I rescued her from a very heavily painted (and, oddly, heavily textured) hellhound, and like most of my vehicles, I've kept aspects of her previous incarnation: here mostly in the colour of the side hatches.
Given the state of her, and my reluctance to strip and recondition the paintwork, it was nice to spend barely any time on a tank!
She is the third in the squadron, hence the 'C' demarcation. The other two can be seen here, though I'll be posting the whole squadron soon.
I think I have a spare hellhound cannon, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I may yet give her a dozer blade.

There you go.

By the way, for those of you still reading, I turned thirty this week. Here's a nice pic of Clan Drax in a moment of celebration:
I love my girls!


- Drax.


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  2. Nice looking tank you got going there, especially for a salvage job.

    Nice family too. Good looking bunch!

  3. Great stuff - you make me really want to get stuck in to my own tanks!

    I like that you leave a bit of 'history' in the paint job, it's a nice touch.

    Oh, and happy birthday!

  4. Cheers on 30 mate. Make note and cherish how it feels because 40 is REAL

  5. Good to see you all thriving so well ... the tank looks great! Congrats on 30 fella. Cheers.

  6. Good name for a tank there, I approve! Poor Gelert, have you ever been to his grave? No-one around these parts has heard of the myth, so kudos points go to you.

    And Penblwydd Hapus Drax! (Thought I'd keep it in the Welsh spirit there)

  7. There is a deep satisfaction in bringing something back from the metaphysical dead. Anyone can do something with a new kit but it takes skill to rescue an old one.

    I have seen texture like that caused by certain spray paints from DIY shops. In brown they can be useful for 'dirting things'.

    Congratulations on reaching thirty and having such a charming family - you stripling you..

  8. That's a great looking tank Drax, I especially like the new turret nozzles - it gives it a mean look!

    Congrats on the birthday as well - cheers!

  9. Nice salvage job. For a quick turnaround, it looks magnificent. Actually, the texture makes an interesting effect.

    Happy 30th as well.

  10. The texturing would actually make for some nice weathering effects. Watered down graveyard earth as a wash makes lovely dust and helps to break up the panel lines on large uni-colour paint jobs. There's a couple of examples on my blog (just click the name) and if you want any advice on it just drop me a line. Very nice job for not being stripped and to a fellow third decade club member, happy belated birthday.

  11. Thanks, All - for the good wishes too.

    And public apologies to Zzzzzz for deleting his post.

    @ Pirate Viking: thanks, mate. I'll not be working more on this one, but I might try with the forthcoming wheeled APC project - I've decided to try some proper weathering on that one.

    For those of you who haven't been there, I recommend The Pirate Viking's site: I just had a look and it's really good!


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