Saturday, 8 March 2014

417 - The Brotherhood of Drums and Flames - Cultists for Hire

Hullo All,
AT LONG LAST I've finished the painting work Zzzzzz sent me! Most of the pics came out alright (below) and I've put a few notes with them, but the unit notes beneath them are characteristically Zzzzzz's...
Okay, I'll admit it: they may be chaos scum but these sculpts are gorgeous!
Group Hug! I really like the dynamic of this shot.
The Unholy Triumvarate.
Fiery things this time. Quite an Eldar-y vibe from this chap, too... 
Yup - flames. That was fun.
More fiery things. Sadly, the details I put on this chap don't show in the photo...
...but the hazards do! Oh yeah - I'm rockin' it 2nd Ed-style.
An entirely practical thing to lug into battle.
This cheeky wee face is behind there somewhere, though. Pic didn't come out too well.
Drums and Fifes...if by 'fifes' you mean 'flamers'.

A-rooooooo! A-rooooooo!
This guys looks a lot better in real life.

Brotherhood of Drums and Flames
As a proper gang made up of disparate individuals, the cultist gang have no need to observe the unit coherancy rules. They are, in effect, an army of individual Characters.


Ganger 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 7 6+

The Brotherhood are all fired up over the goings on the east side. And they are convinced that their Gods are with them. They all have the Hatred USR. As long as there is at least one musician left, cultists within 12" have the preferred enemy (everyone who is not one of their brotherhood) special rule. Musical instruments count as hand weapons in appropriate situations.


Magister 4 2 3 3 1 3 2 9 6+/5+

Burning Star (power weapon), Book of Norman, Refractor Sheild, Hatred.

Once per game the Magister can read from the Book of Norman and all cultists within 12" gain Battle Fury for their next turn only.

Battle Fury: Such is the rage imbued by a Preacher's oratory, that the entire gang charge in the Assault phase if there are enemy within reach. In addition, such is their state of agitation, they always count as moving even if the models are stationary, so would be unable to fire heavy weapons.


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- Drax.


  1. What a simply brilliant post! All the details just 'fit', the choice of colours is textbook (and vibrant!), a real pleasure to look through.

  2. Thanks, Chaps!

    I appreciate the feedback.

  3. Nice! Liking the mix of Privateer and GW models. Pics worth waiting for!

  4. Cheers: some of them really were a delightful change to paint, and it's a while since I've been challenged by the likes of flat yellow areas or fur; painting rotting or decaying flesh is something of a departure for me too!


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