Sunday 30 March 2014

423 - Review: Peter Pig Crew and Brew (15mm)

Hullo All!

Back in Post 320 [here] I introduced you to my new Carrier platoon...and the fact that they were somewhat deficient in crew.

Well, I been and done and got me some drivers. They're from Peter Pig [here] (a long-established UK company) and they're absolutely smashing...but not half as smashing as the other minis I ordered from them (Part 2, below)!

Part1 - the Drivers

Here they are:
Peter Pig infantry packs comprise a selection of eight figures - I received three with helmets, three with service caps and two with berets. Each holds a steering wheel.

Sadly, there was no picture of the drivers on the Peter Pig website, so I bought these 'blind' and - as I rather suspected - they don't fit into the cramped confines of the carriers at all. This isn't a huge problem at all, as I can cut them down a bit. I might even see if I can convert some of them into bren gunners for the carriers. We'll see.

Part 2 - 'Brewing Up'

Here's the stock pic of my other purchase from the Peter Pig website:
[from Peter Pig - used without permission; credited to Alan Woodcock]
These figures are just amazing, aren't they?!

Here's what I received: 

A slightly closer view - lovely detail!
The excellent rear-view of the tea-drinkers with undercoated Battlefront command minis for scale
In this pack I received three private soldiers, three offices and two NCOs, all very much enjoying a brew. What a brilliant idea, and what lovely sculpts. I fully intend to emulate (steal) Alan Woodcock's modelling idea (above) with one of my spare carriers, and I'll let you know when I do...

Dirt cheap - £2.90 for eight minis in each pack and utterly reasonable P+P.

   Speed of Delivery:
A few days. Considering I live in the back-end of nowhere, that's good going!

   Quality of Sculpts:
Absolutely great - better than a lot of the Battlefront (Flames of War) figures; especially those brewing-up .

   Size Comparison:
15mm heroic - they're absolutely spot-on alongside Battlefront figs.

My only other thoughts, really, are that the website is nowhere near as helpful as it could be. It's very 'busy' and surprisingly hard to navigate around, and too many of the products don't have a picture up. Mind you, the website does have some very useful historical notes on it...

Overall, the characterful models on offer at Peter Pig are absolutely grand - so if you're interested in any era of historical gaming I urge you to take a look at their stuff.

Until next time, then,

- Drax.


  1. I love the PP Brew chaps. i have used some to have alternate command teams here and there throughout my Brits.

    Agree totally about the crap site though - even doing Google searches on the stuff in question rarely brings up images....

  2. For your carriers, you can also use other figures in them. In mine I used one plastic tank commander. I also used a British rifleman with his lower legs cut off. You could even have a carrier with the crew having a brew! You can see some of the poses I did here: .

  3. Thanks, chaps.

    Top tip that, Cameron: I'll get onto that when the time comes. To help in the meantime I've ordered eight bren guns for a quid, so at least each can have its extra MG!


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