Thursday, 27 March 2014

422 - Review: Kolisnsky Siberian Weasel Brush

Yup - that's right, folks: after only 21-odd years in the hobby Drax has finally got himself a Kolinsky Sable brush:
After asking your advice, dear readers, way back in July '13 - thank you! - I bought it via ebay from [here] and eventually got around to using it properly last weekend, when I painted the white-on-green flashes on the track guards of my new Flames of War univeral carriers [here]. I was very pleased with how well they turned out (most of them, at least) as the flashes are but 3mm across:
So thank you, GamesQuest; thank you My Good Readers for your excellent suggestions, and thank you eM-4-Miniatures [here] for your impressive Rotmarder-Kolinsky size 1 brush.

But most of all, thank you, Siberian Weasel (I kid you not) for your fur. It makes me feel kinda bad, and it's probably best I don't tell Mrs. Drax, but it's very soft and lovely. Thank you.

- Drax.


  1. Congrats on taking your first step into a larger world :)

    One thing I will say is that better quality brushes are yet better.. and while slightly more expensive at buy-in they last Sooooooo much longer.

    Ive had a lot of brushes like the one you show above, and while you will notice and improvement, if you mistreat your brushes like i do it wont be long before there is some hooking at the tip, and splaying at the ferrule.

    I buy windsor and newton series seven they cost about 6-8 quid depending on size and deals, but i have some here that are five years old and still serviceable.

    so.. when this one gets tired... consider yet another upgrade :)

  2. Do you have proper brush cleaner too? A tiny investment in some brush cleaner will help your brushes to last a long time. I've had my three Kolinsky sable brushes for about 1.5 years or more and they are still in pretty good shape. Just make sure not to get paint in the ferrule (metal part). Mine still hold a point quite well if I am careful with them.

    1. Thanks, Cameron.

      Might you send me a link please? You'll doubtless be horrified to learn that I store them all bundled together with an elastic band, wash them vigorously in cold water and gently lick/suck them back into shape.

      I know this isn't ideal, and I know there's a range of soaps and flanels and cloths and fluids out there, but I;m not actually *against* looking after my brushes little better!

      And yes: I cam careful to avoid paint in the ferrule at least...

  3. Top tip...and I reckon you're a good source for a top tip too!

    I treat my brushes abominably poorly, so it's faintly amazing I've been using some of them for well over a decade, but then I also have low expectations and low standards when it comes to doing anything remotely tricksy in mini painting, too.

    Still, I shall heed your advice when I next need a new brush, and I'll ensure that what I spent here on p&p is put instead towards buying a better brush when I'm somewhere that can physically sell me one.


  4. Very nice sir. One day maybe I too will go beyond purchasing Walmart crap brushes and move to the next step in painting-hood that a proper job brush will bring me?

  5. Good brushes are definitely worth it. I think over time that they are cheaper and you get easier use and potentially nicer results too.

    The brush cleaner is definitely useful though. I've used the brush cleaner to restore brushes that look almost destroyed. I currently use "Pink Soap" brush cleaner (as it is what I found at the store first); . The other one I have seen recommended more is "Masters Brush Cleaner"; They cost about $2-10 here (so 1-6 pounds or so) and you can find them at any art store. Buy a small bottle. I've only used about 1/4 of a small bottle in several years of use. I only use the brush cleaner when my brushes are getting some paint built up in the hairs or if they are losing their point. I just wet the brush and put some soap in the palm of my hand. I then gently scrub the brush around on it and work it until the paint has all come out. You can use a little on it to help restore the shape with a point too. Doing this I have had the last Citadel brush I bought last for quite a while too.

    1. Ooh - cheaper than I thought. When I get around to it I'll let you good folks know: thank you!


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