Wednesday 18 March 2009

100 Drax's Guard Army

Are you sitting comfortably, boys and girls?

- Then I'll begin.

As it's my first century, welcome to my entire force...more or less:
Wondering what everything is? Well, this is the general guide:
And here are some specific units of note:

Is it all there?

No. I've fifty-odd stormtroopers, most of which are beret-wearing old-old-style models. I also have some more metal veterans (mostly old Cadians, left over from my Armoured Fist platooon) and a 15-strong high command echelon, some members of which I outlined here. Plus I have an ogryn squad, seven converted Cadian rough riders, and three old-style sentinels to boot.

Here though, I present an armoured column from 1/24th Cadian Mech Inf; B and D Coy, 2/24th Cadian Light Inf; support from IVth Cadian Armoured Regiment, and the attached baneblade, Zarathustra. Individual units are linked to in the right-hand column of this page:

First, the light infantry. I should point out that I've a lot of painting yet to do (I'm slow) and that it's not going to be completed soon:
A slight change of focus:
Next, the mechanised infantry, with their attached supprt from Cadian 144th Field Artillery Regt:
Finally, the armoured column from the Cadian IVth, Zarathustra and my snipers and veterans:
I should point out that - although I know it doesn't look like there's an awful lot of infantry on the table, there really is: almost three hundred and tightly packed.

In total, it's about 6000pts on the table, from c7000pts in total.

I figured I should present the whole lot of 'em before my beautiful light infantrymen are scuppered by new codex changes. I'm interested to see what the new structure will hold...

Thanks for indulging me,

- Drax.

PS: If any of you were wondering what happened to Post 097, well...I omitted it. Sorry. But I have something special in mind for it when it arrives, which'll be soon.


  1. Now that is a force to be reckoned with. I think that only with Guard can an infantry/tank force look SO impressive.

    Don't worry about your slow painting - I am yet to have enough models completed for a minimum FOC army.

    I am now intrigued by what you could be putting into 097.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  2. A truly beautiful sight ..........

  3. Beautiful! I'm jealous of your army! So many units all arranged in parade formation!

    Looks like a great list to get started in time for the new codex too! Just add a couple of Valkyries, a few Leman Russ variants and you're all set!

  4. Oh man, that's a lot of stuff. Those infantry look awesome, packed together like that.

    Also: Is that Mrs. Drax hiding behind the coat in the last picture? ;D

  5. Wow now that's one very impressive army there!

    Paint scheme looks great, as do the conversions, and the whole effect is a cohesive looking combined-arms battleforce.

    Like Cawshis Clay said, you're pretty well set for May!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Wow! That's not only an impressive force just on the sheer size, but also for the fact that it's all painted! My hat's off to you sir.

  7. Thanks, all! Drax is glowing.

    127th: You'll have to wait on 097, but I know you lot will love it...

    Cawshis and Kron: yeah, I'm a sucker for drill. I'm full of anticipation of the new codex...

    Techpriest: yup. She's patient with my toys, but was only dressed in a robe and didn't want to excite too many of us geeks with indecency! The cottage is spacious but not huge, so with the table up she was stuck for seating when her dad called...

    Corbane: you WERE referring to the models, right?(!)

    King Mob: I wish, mate. Alas, though almost all of my vehicles are finished, only about half of the infantry are. Thanks, though!

    - Drax.

  8. I know it has nothing to do with the price of tea in China, but I love the little folding table thingy you have your army on.

    The army looks great! Very cohesive too.

    And are you sure you didn't just sneak a picture of Kate in her bath robe in there to get the geeks stirred up? Kidding, of course!`

  9. Grats on 100 (mostly!), and very impressive force! 300+ infantry models are intimadating, whether for painting or for playing against!

  10. "Alas, though almost all of my vehicles are finished, only about half of the infantry are. Thanks, though!"

    Still, compared to a lot of armies I've seen where the player had just finished gluing the pieces together mere minutes before a game, even basecoats on a unit are an accomplishment.

  11. Oh my - they look very impressive! I'm also a proud member of the slow painters club - there's nothing wrong with that :)

  12. I have yet to finish painting a full army, but I think I am around 10 models away. However, that army is really beautiful!

  13. Awesome! What an array of firepower and it's so cool to see your fellas in full force. Congrats on the century mate

  14. ahh. the joys of a large force of IG. ahh. the joys of an understanding wife, who puts up with her husband's little dolls (at least that's what Mrs. Farmpunk refers to them as)

    That's an impressive display there, Drax. It definately looks like you might be in good shape for the new codex. I think I'm going to be buying IG tanks for a while, since my Light Infantry probably won't be the same.

  15. Awesome Admiral, awesome. Well done you.

  16. That's a pretty well rounded army you have there. Now all you need are some of the new Valkyrie's. :P

  17. Looks absolutely fantastic. Very nice to see the whole force together in one place. Great job.

    And I just thought of something...

    If you're an Imperial Guard Commander, not Imperial Navy, why are you Admiral and not General Drax?

  18. Truly impressive display. I really enjoy seeing a large army lined up for pass in review. Hardly matters they're not all in the same uniform ;)

  19. Wow!

    Thanks for all the comments and encouragement, guys - I'm touched!

    Why 'Admiral' rather than General? - Good question. It's because Admiral Drax really existed, and I believe my dad met him during his early days in the navy (he joined in '57). My dad told me about him once and I've loved the name ever since - his full name and title was:

    Admiral Sir Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, KCB, DSO, JP, DL (1880–1967).

    You can find him in wikipedia under a search for 'Admiral Drax'.

    I never intended there to be a model for drax, mind, but as 'Zarathustra' has a second version of him (the FW 'Weissmann' model) for the cupula, he may have his own personal baneblade for missons 'on shore'.

    Cheers, all,

    - Drax.

  20. Drax that was truly inspiring!! I loved it

  21. I once saw a player field 249 Tanks every size shape edition that was ever produced by GW, that was impressive, but seeing your army is something diffrent altogether, it is always humbling and inspiring to see such magnificence.

  22. :O

    Drax - im genuinley speechless!
    Stunning looking army mate :)

  23. That's awesome. I should do a army shot too some time soon, but mine is nowhere near as huge as yours. :)

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