Saturday, 7 February 2009

087 Wyvern Complete...and some!

[12/03/09 - NB: I'm planning to update and consolidate all my 'Wyvern' stuff soon into one shiny new post with cleaner photos and my ideas for rules. In the meantime, working backwards through the posts with the 'wyvern' label will reveal the whole process - albeit backwards. Thanks for your patience and watch this space!]

Hey, all,

Great news - I've finally finished the 'Wyvern' conversion I've been working on...with variations on a theme and magnet fun too! For rules ideas, see here.

So here, for your enjoyment, are the pics of (a) the wyvern (with wyvern missile launcher), (b) an enclosed version of a scout salamander that I originally mooted to go with it, and - as an added bonus - a third option! Scroll down for more and an explanation (sorry about the pics - it's night time already).

The wyvern:
The salamander:
...And introducing the never-before-seen wyvern 'annihilator' variant (see below):
Here she is stripped down:
Here's a close up of the hull weapon magnetisation - the magnet's on the back of a bit of plasticard inserted behind the slot (I had to break the heavy bolter off once I'd decided to try this...the exact reason why I always use superglue rather than poly cement) and the weapons have lengths of paperclip either inserted in them (as with the rear-mounted grenade launchers from the standard wyvern) or glued along their base:
And here are all of the different components:
About the 'annihilator' variant:
Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and after playing a couple of games with my mechanised force, I was forced to the conclusion that the light vehicles were severely lacking in anti-tank capabilities, and this seemed a monstrous omission from the Guard's armoury. I didn't want to use my Leman Russ tanks in support, for fear they'd spoil the aesthetic, so I figured it'd be an easy enough field conversion to get rid of the troop-carrying capacity and install an anti-tank configuration.

Rules to follow soon, of course.

Hope you've enjoyed these conversions: Drax is a little chuffed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

- Drax.
PS: Painting Points (see panel, left)= 20 for completion of the model, and a discretionary 10 extra for the two variants and magnetry. Hooray!


  1. Awesome stuff! The annihilator in specific is amazing, it must be so cool having all of the weapon options to chop and change depending on the foe. Great job as usual mate

  2. Great work! I really like the blue company markings: they stand out well against the background colour of the tank.

  3. Thanks, chaps.

    I should point out that she isn't varnished yet - there's a temporary pause on all varnishing least until brighter, warmer weather makes me trust Purity Seal again!

    - D

  4. Great job.
    Nice work with the magnets. It adds so much versatility to your model it's unbelievable.

  5. now thats a cool way of keeping your opponents guessing with what you may use each week.

    the paint job looks nice and clean/ i think i may steal your tank marking design - don't know if i can be bothered with transfers.

    quality model mate.

    - Cadian 127th

  6. Looks really sharp. Great job. And the swappable variants just makes it more versatile!

    And a question: What does the "MSTTD" mean on the parchment on the hull?

  7. "Missile-Shooting Tank-Thingy of Death".

    Brian over at the Inner Geek suggested it, and despite my other vehicles all having fitting tradional/heraldic/latinate names, MSTTD kinda stuck. I like it, and I couldn't better it: it reminds me of the whole process.

    PS: It's drizzly out today, so no proper photos yet, either.

    - Drax.

  8. I can't think of anymore more appropriate to call it. :)

  9. Great to see the finished Wyvern. Already a great project by itself, the additional magnet variants a a big plus!

    Somewhere, I have a copy of the Forge World rules for the Leman Russ Annihilator. As I remember, they were short and sweet. If I can find it, I'll send them your way for reference.

  10. They look pretty cool Drax, especially the magnets.

    Maybe your next project can be the Deathstrike missle launcher that the IG rumours are going on about :)

  11. Very nice! And finished on my Birthday too! I do like what you've done and use of magnets makes it all the more cool. MSTTD indeed!


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