Tuesday, 17 February 2009

091 The First of the IVth

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please allow me to introduce you to the oldest, and most venerable of all my original models: my Leman Russ MBT, Quietus.
Dating all the way back to my sprawling teenage 2nd Edition Space Wolves army (and its many, many allies), Quietus has been with me since the Leman Russ was a new model. Given all the recent excitement over the old lady's re-release, I thought I'd finally get around to starting to document mine. More photos of the other five will follow soon.
No prizes (or painting points!) for me for painting her up - Quietus has been in this finished state for about five years or so. I don't think she's varnished either, unlike my more recent models: she's protected by her age!
I'll talk more about the paint job and camo scheme in future posts. I was going to photograph all three of my finished Russes this afternoon to show them off better, but alas our house guest arrived just after I took these pics.

Quietus is from the IVth Cadian Armoured Regiment, and to my shame this is their first proper mention, after 90 blog entries. I should point out that (a) these Leman Russes of mine are not beautifully painted, and if I were to start over I'd probably choose a different colour scheme; (b) they're old, and I can't be bothered to repaint them; and (c) the drab green colour is a mix: bless her soul, my wife - Kate - mixes it for me (and did a big pot of it last week) because I really do have simply no eye for colour.

More to follow,

- Drax.


  1. Ach, I have almost the same color scheme on my tanks now... I still remember my first tank as well, funny thing is that it was olive drab. But seeing that I sold it about 11 years ago there's pics left to show my "skill".

  2. Ah... memories. I still have two of the old Rhino's that I converted to be able to field as a Rhino or as a Whirlwind, complete with rotating missile launcher and radar dish. They would make a good blog once I get unpacked and settled into the new house. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!

  3. I ended up breaking apart and converting my old Leman Russ into an Ork Looted Wagon. I think it was the most fun I ever had with it...

  4. Thanks, Chaps.

    I finished a fourth one today, so I now have two MBTs and two Exterminators finished. Hooray!

    Expect pics in a new post soon...

    - Drax.


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