Saturday, 7 March 2009

095 Mixed 1500pt List Vs Necrons


Well, I had another blinding game against Fallen 73rd on Vassal (online) again this Monday, and he fancied sparring against me in preparation for a forthcoming fight, so I fielded an unusually mixed force against his killer-skeleton-robots-of-death. 73rd had the opportunity to try some new units and tactics, and it was also a chance for me to roll out (albeit digitally) some of my Leman Russ tanks, rather than my standard infantry-only or light mechanised lists.

The game rolled was annihilation (gulp!) with 'spearhead' deployment; I won deployment and - unusually for me - opted to move first. The game was stonkingly enjoyable, and I even squeaked a win, after six turns, of 6 kill points to 5. Huzzah for the Guard!

Here's my list:

1500pts Mixed Vs 73rd


Heroic Snr Officer, P/wpn, bolt pistol (bp), ID, with M/vox, medic, standard bearer and plasma gunner (133pts)
A/P Squad (3 heavy bolters) LI (90pts)

7 Hardened Veterans (shotguns) w. 2 melta guns and 1 plasma gun
Plus Vet Sgt w. Honorifica Imperialis, P/wpn, bolt pistol, melta bombs (135pts)

1 Pl (306pts):
HQ sect: Jr Officer w. P/wpn, bp, ID; Vox, medic, 2 x grenade launchers
1 sect: Sgt, vox, plasma gun
2 sect: Sgt, vox, melta gun
3 sect: Sgt, vox, gren

2 Pl (346pts):
[As 1 Pl, but with Light Infantry doctrine @10pts/unit = +50pts]

L/Russ MBT w. 3 hvy bolters; smoke (158pts)
L/Russ MBT w. 3 hvy bolters; smoke (158pts)
L/Russ Demolisher w. hvy bolter and 2 plasma cannon; smoke (178pts)

All have ‘Drop Troops’ doctrine. It’s free.

= 1504pts

Things different to my normal lists pretty much boil down to the following:

1) Leman Russes - and boy, were they effective!
2) The hardened veterans - I love my models but the vets don't often make it into battle. Here I'd intended to challenge their deep-striking anti-tank capability, but 73rd didn't take any monoliths in the end - much to my ultimate relief. Still, they did secure my left flank by blowing up a heavy destroyer.
3) Fewer fire support (heavy weapons) squads and - by extention - fewer junior officers in command squads. I thought I'd feel their absence far more than I actually did. That makes me wonder...

So it's official - I can field a mixed list and still stand firm for the Emperor!

Thanks, as aye, to 73rd. Top fun to play against - a real gent!

- Drax.


  1. Congratulations on the win! Sounds like the online game is a great way to try out new lists and see what works.

  2. It is indeed, although it can take a lot longer than a real game. Then again, there's no tidying up to be done at the end of it!

    It's particularly good because I'm in a fairly isolated village and I don't drive, and 73rd is based in the London area. What's more, since moving to the South West I know no-one local who plays (although I've 'leaked' to a colleague and I think I can tempt him...) so it means I can get a game without anyone having to travel the breadth of the country to visit me!

    Yeah - Vassal's impressed me no end.

    - Drax

  3. I'm not sure I want to hear you leaking on your colleagues but vassal is a great system as far as I know, I've donloaded it but and had a mess around with it but i haven't actually played with it yet

  4. The system sounds really interesting. I've browsed it, but placing stuff properly seems too complex. I'm not very tech-savvy. But if I can work it out, it might work for games with my brother (who lives across the country).

    That said, I like your list; it's fairly similar to mine. I've always liked Veterans for their reliability, and I hope they're effective and plentiful in the new codex. I've just finished squads of Ogryn and Ratlings, and I'm planning to try out a 1500 pointer tomorrow -- probably with two heavy weapon squads, two platoons, two abhuman squads and three Leman Russ. I haven't decided yet whether to use 3 LRs or replace one with a Demolisher -- I really like the lascannon/plasma cannon loadout on the Demolisher but have never gotten to use it before.

    Would you use this same list again? Or would you modify it?

  5. Good to here that other people still live in villages. Of course my village is only 15-20 minutes from Downtown Ann Arbor so when I have time I can get out for a game usually vs college kids.

  6. I'm really not very tech-savvy at all, but it's really pretty straightforward once you get up and running wiuth it. 73rd's a patient teacher, too. If you're having trouble placing or manoeuvring scenery, Jennifer, try holding 'shift' as you select it.

    With regard to my list, I probably wouldn't use it again, as it was very particular to that fight. Mind you, those Leman Russes impressed me so much I'm definately thinking a great deal about them populating future lists...especially if there's a chance of taking three as one heavy support choice, eh?!

  7. Oh, and my brother-in-law lives in Ann Arbor. Small world, huh?

  8. 'Good to here that other people still live in villages.' Hey I lived i a village before it was cool!

  9. It was a brilliant game, and a great win for the Guard. I just woke a few Monoliths so expect them next time!

    Vassal gets easier to use as you experiment. A few tips about deployment are to select a unit, right click, clone it, drag it in to coherency, select both with the shift button, clone, then keep doing in twos or fours etc. Shift selects everything, and control and a direction arrow moves them an inch in that direction, with left and right angling them.


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