Sunday 22 March 2009

097 Here At Last...and ultimately disappointing.


I used the objective marker that I was going to save for this post in my last one, Post 101, so Now for Something Completely Different.

This post is not 40K related.

Whilst I was in the middle of posting yesterday, I was interrupted by the two young lads from the cottage next-door-but-one asking if they could play with Cadfael. As I stood out in the garden watching them exhaust my poor old hound, I asked them if they had any pets (we don't see them much). It turns out that at their dad's house they each have a guinea pig.

The guinea-pigs' names?

Squeaker and Bonecrusher.

- Drax.

[Normal service resumes later this week.]


  1. There's nothing wrong with calling a guinea pig Bonecrusher. They've got nasty little teeth.

  2. Like in Monty Python and the Holy Grail- the killerbunny you know:

  3. Very noisy little beasts. I once spent a year having to sleep with them thrashing and squeaking in the background. They'd make good Chaos creatures.

  4. It could've been red and named Bloodcrusher. Now that'd be badass.

    Hm, Bloodcrusher... *ponders*

  5. Bonecrusher seems reasonable, but only if Manslayer and Doom Pig are already taken.

  6. SQUIG! I'd say less of the Chaos and more towards the Orks...

  7. I've never laughed so hard... I've got tears in my eyes.

    He's probably scared of his own shadow.

  8. that guinea pig's got a Mark of Khorne. You can tell by the look in his eyes.


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