Monday, 16 March 2009

099 Future Intentions: Drax, Nork et al.

Well, I've a special post planned for my first century, but I thought I'd share with you some of my plans for the future of my Guard - especially with the advent of their new codex.

Firstly, here is my supreme commander - I've not yet assigned him a rank, but it'll be higher than a full colonel, as he has command of both battalions of the Cadian 24th. I don't yet know whether to keep it real-ish or more 40K-fluffy:
He's the splendid FW Cadian commander, and is from one of my few unassembled squads (the whole squad is FW), but then, I'm awaiting the new codex for fresh options. As it is, I LOVE the Chapter Approved rules for Guard High Commanders published in UK WD during the Eye of Terror campaign (albeit with the explicit caveat that they're legal for general play) but haven't yet fielded them. Mind you, I've a nice collection of interesting figures to populate the commander's entourage. Here's one, my self-build:
He's almost certainly going to become the artillery liaison officer in the new codex. Next is my Nork Deddog conversion, from way back:
I've always loved his rules but - again - never fielded him. He's saluting, as per that great story in the 3rd Ed Guard codex. Finally, allow me to present Admiral Drax himself:
Yes, he's the Weissmann model from FW's original special edition baneblade, Arethusa - my version of which can be found below, along with a detail of her anti-aircraft autocannon. She's called 'Zarathustra' - which seems suitably bombastic:
Yes, I know I have some painting to do, but it'll have to wait, damnit.
Post 100 to follow soon!

- Drax.


  1. I bought that same FW Cadian Commander in preparation for the codex release. The model is so filled with character. It's genius.
    I look forward to seeing how you paint him :)

  2. The FW commander is the bees knees for sure. I like your selection of less common models for a command section. Great idea!

  3. That AA gun is absolutely bitchin'!

  4. I do love Nork Deddog, that story in the 3rd Ed. codex was a real gem! I bought the metal model myself, but that conversion of yours looks far better! Good job mate.

  5. "thus spake..." Nice work Drax. The new models coming through are sweet. Great conversions, can't wait to see them 'in the flesh'.

  6. They're looking great, Drax! Can't wait to see them fully painted up :)

  7. Looking good mate, I like the CA rules for high command aswell. What did you think of the node campaign in the same issue?

  8. I like the FW commander--I have my own, but have yet to paint him... he's going to be my colonel as well. :)

  9. A very strong cast of characters, Drax! I love how different they are and how dynamic and strong they will look on the field.

    And Zarathrustra is an awesome name for a super-heavy!

  10. Thanks, everyone - nice to see some of you are on similar wavelengths! They'll be painted up...soon...ish.

    I meant to note that the Drax model is likely to double-up as the fleet liaison officer. I'll probably add that in soon.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Techpriest - I figured local air defence was notable by its absence from the Baneblade. Cheers also to those of you who dig the name.

    Colbane, I can't remember about the campaign. Don't suppose you know what issue it was offhand, do you? Only I've been meaning to track mine down and scan it...

    More soon,

    Drax. Happy, because the 'verification word;, below, is "wines".

  11. Awesome, love the commanders. Paint 'em up! I don't think I'll ever get the FW command squad, I'm aiming to swap things out with the new set though.
    I'd twin-link the AA cannon though, would look more badass. ^^

  12. Re: the Colonel, I'd point out that battalions are typically commanded by Lt. Colonels, and an entire regiment of several battalions by a colonel. You could use the "High Commander" rules from White Dwarf, which I've never read. Love your conversions.

    I'm very much looking forward to the new codex.

  13. Lol, the name Zarathrustra is a bit contradictory, as a Zoroastrian myself, but it does sound pretty epic.

    I love everything else.


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