Thursday, 12 March 2009

096 Guard Objective Markers

Hullo, All.

I have a couple more of these, but I've been meaning to share since I finished. Here is one objective marker for my lads:
And here's another, W-i-P:
Nothing special, but dead easy in each case (though I wish I'd painted the lasguns before stacking them!).

Technically, the completion of the 'grave', above, earned me another five Painting Points too, so I've added those onto my counter (left), but with a honeymoon now booked for the Easter holidays it doesn't look as if my hobby will get much investment until my bank balance recovers! If only that new Guard codex weren't coming out...

Cheers all,

- Drax.


  1. They're nice mate, must admit, I need to do some objective markers myself. Might get some bits together and just have them as a side project.

  2. those are very guard approprate, nice job Drax.

  3. Nice markers! I'm a big fan of army specific markers...I keep trying to encourage my friends to make their own as well!

  4. Nice and simple. The only problem I see is the odd size. You will need to have very clear rules for how you are measuring to the objective. You might end up surprised when someone claims he is measuring from the edge of his 40-50 mm base while your objective is only on a 25 mm base. It has happened to me.

  5. Thanks, chaps.

    Eriochrome, it's a fair point. The only time I came close to this issue was when we played with a baneblade as an objective (IVth Ed) - we ended up measuring from the edge of the model, but it made for a huge objective!

    Luckily, when I do play games, they're never too's too short, eh?!

    - D.

  6. Damn you Drax! :) A while back I did up a marker like your grave one--just a pair of boots, rifle, and helmet on a round base, but haven't posted it...

    They look good though. Good work.

  7. My original version was on a round base and the bayonet was far more obvious, but I wanted to rebase it with rubble.

    Funnily enough, I was wondering if it looked too blank - maybe a pair of boots would be a way forward. Hmmm...

    And I must say, 'Damn you, Drax!' is probably the most fun thing I've heard all day!

  8. I like those.

    I use wounded praetorians for my objective markers...

    hmm the thought of my army going back to get wounded guys when so many of them are 'expendable' is a bit ironic though.

    I always figure it's because the Inquisitor Lord needs them for questioning.

  9. Nice objective markers, that is another thing to add to the todo list!
    Enjoy the honeymoon, i'm sure the guard codex will be the last thing on your mind :)

  10. Since you enjoy it so much, "Damn you Drax"!

    With that out of the way, I must say I do like your objective markers. The grave site may be hiding the important data slate that is needed in the next stage of the campaign. And the las rifles... well... who doesn't need three more las rifles!?!

  11. The marked grave is a great idea. Perfect marker!

  12. Nicely done, they look great!

    And since it's in vogue:

    Damn you, Drax!


  13. Love these markers. Simple and elegant. Now I'm going to have to make some markers of my own!

  14. Hi Drax - I really do like the simplicity of these objective markers. Brilliant!

  15. Hm. One day I shall do some myself as well, those look nifty! But first to finish off these remaining squads...


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