Saturday, 21 March 2009

101 Fantastic Guard Objective Marker...

...and - naturally enough - it's not mine.

Check this out for a great piece of conversion. I recommend clicking on the pics to get the detailed view - I didn't want to lose the beautiful texture from the flagstones in the photos:
Okay, that looked good, but check out the hand grabbing the collar - perfect:
You can just imagine the sergeant: "C'mon, Trooper - hang in there..."
And just look at that bandaged stump and the clutching hand:

This objective marker arrived when an eBay seller generously threw some bits in with an order a couple of years ago - he gave me my D Coy's command squad and this objective marker below. On the offchance that you're the bloke who made and painted this: thank you, and thanks for popping by.

I was going to share it for my belated post 097, but I'm way too impatient and I haven't anything else yet, so I promise that my next post will be the errant 097. Honest.

And because it's such a beautiful day here in sunny Devon, here's Cadfael enjoying the daffodils:

- Drax.

PS: I was going to entitle this 'Objective Markers 101', but that's a reference mostly lost on my wider British readership.


  1. oh, I like him, very evocative, objective markers seem to have become a trend lately.

    and on the 101, it's ok, as long as you don't start spelling colour with a U. If you do, I'll report you to the LEA - lol

  2. Very nice, though I must say that poor guardsman may be done for!

  3. Very nice. I wish I had your painting skill and patience.

  4. Thanks, all.

    Jennifer: I DID NOT PAINT THIS. I wish I had this skill and patience too.

    The pics look a little over-exposed, too. That'll teach me for photographing in sunlight...

  5. Ah. I must have misread; I was under the impression you'd bought it unpainted.

    I've been thinking about what I could use for objectives, and your posts have given me a few ideas...

  6. That is one helluva an objective to put on the table, Drax! A great addition to a great army!

  7. wow i like that! im working on some objective markers at the moment... they are brilliant fun and lets you really cut loose with a little madness..


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