Sunday, 13 September 2009

153 The Highlight of My Day

Evening All.

Well, work's going surprisingly well and yes - as today's title may suggest - I have been trying some highlighting.
But not on my own miniatures; at least, not as such. In a couple of weekends I'm playing in a doubles tournament with a mate. It's our first tourney, it doesn't look as if it'll be too competitive and we're looking forwards to it...but he lives in Birmingham (far away), the tourney's in Wiltshire, we haven't played together in almost 9 months (the last game I physically played), and he's really busy at work, so I've been trying to work on a quick objective marker for him:

In the background, you'll see I've also been re-arming my chimeras with multilasers, as the tourney (quite rightly) is WYSIWYG. I was going to do this with magnets, but instead I've opted for parallel 15mm-long pins. I did it on a whim and it's worked like an absolute dream!
The smelly space marine isn't finished yet, but here's the pic I'm working from (from his sadly-neglected blog). They're the Angels of Fortitude - a good name for a chapter:
It's weird to try painting in someone else's style (and I'd forgotton how dull marines are to paint!) but it's looking okay. I think Ice Blue may have been better for the highlights, but I don't care. It's dark in the future.


- Drax.
Who really ought to go to bed now.


  1. They look quite good. The freehands in the shoulder plates are a nice detail.

  2. An absolutly fantastic job, well done!!

    I can't wait to lead my boys on the no doubt desperate mission to retreive the Mystery Box! :D

    And you're right, it's shameful about the lack of progress updates, I need to get on that post haste!


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