Sunday, 20 September 2009

156 One Step at a Time


Well, some of you asked to see him when finished, so here is the latest addition to my choices of hardened veterans - my second grenade launcher:
Note the attempt at a different camo on his cloak - C&C always welcome...
That leaves only the heavy weapons team with the hvy bolter/autocannon combo, (which is almost finished); a plasma gunner and the third-and-final grenade launcher - neither of these last two are very far along.

Cruelly, the idea isn't to create two squads per se (though I've models enough) but to give me the broadest choice. Frustratingly, I've run out of melta gunners at the moment, and I'm too broke to purchase more. That, then, is a plan for the future...


- Drax.


  1. As I already said, I love your camo schemes... you must spend hours on them !

  2. Thanks ofr the compliment, Grégory: and yes - it takes me bloody ages!

    At least I don't have to be neat with it...

    Curiously, I really have to concentrate to make random patterns or splodges of paint: I guess my brian just thinks in straight lines!

    I suspect your speedy brushwork would plough through my camo schemes in mere minutes...

  3. Gotta agree with Gregory there, the camo really does look excellent. The different camo on the bedroll looks really neat too.

    I'm impressed by the freehand on the shoulders as well, nice and simple but very effective. well done!

  4. While it might techinically seem out of place, I too like the different camo pattern/colors on his pack.
    I think the change in colors makes for a nice contrast to the rest of the model.

    Nice work.

  5. Very nice, and very convinient! I've got some SM scouts I was wanting to have an Urban Cammo scheme for their cloaks - it looks like you're a pro at this, so perhaps I can pester you for tips on achieving it!

  6. Looking very nice!
    I like the backpack too. Is that something you put together?

  7. love the different camo, shows he's ready for any environment in a way! as a veteran should be! ... my painting is coming on soooo slowly on my veterans! I just cant be bothered to pick up the brush, sit down with water and paper towels and all and concentrate for the long periods it takes me to get anything done!

  8. Thanks, Dudes.

    I realised months ago that my army is in green and drab despite being in an urban environment (ill-equipped-armed-forces-in-real-life, anyone?), so just as one of my other Vets has a different cloak I figured at least one ought to have something a bit more 'urban'.

    @t'other Kevin: the backpacks are Forgeworld, I'm afraid.

    @ Mike et al: I did a talk-through of my camo painting before:

    - this vesion is a Codex Grey base coat with very simple splodges of Skull White then Chaos Black...but I warn you: unlike the temperate green camo, it can look quite ropey on large areas.

    @Kings: Stay strong, mate...stay strong.

  9. I can only re-iterate what others have said. The camo rocks!

    Heh, word verification is "thingies"! :D

  10. Lovely camo indeed!

    And, in regards to your first comment above. Many people have misspelled my name as 'Brain', but this is the first time I've seen anyone misspell the word 'brain' as my name!

  11. Whoops!

    I do try to be careful when I type - honest!

    But thanks for pointing it out, Brain: it gave me a giggle!

    Hope all's going well...

  12. The camo looks very pretty, I wish i had the patience to venture away from pure camo green for my guard. It's inspiring me to look at this type of camo for my Legio Cybernetica robots.


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