Wednesday, 30 September 2009

158 The Dream Team: More Details

Hey, all.

This, then, is the force I took to Calneage '09: my first tournament (doubles; 2x500pt), and my first time playing in a long time:
I partnered Mike the Merciless and I'll give more info about how we did in my next post, with some pics from the event. Mike fielded his Angels of Fortune loyalist marines, but I didn't get any snaps of them 'on parade'. Above is the whole damned lot of them and below are some details. I'll include an army list at the end, too. Firstly, the platoon:
They're actually my Pl HQ from 2Pl, 1 section from 3Pl and 2 section from 1Pl - yellow, blue and red respectively. Their normal vox-men had to be substituted out for the tourney fFor more details of my normal platoons, please follow the links on the right).

Here's a close-up of the Pl HQ, with After the War - the regimental mascot of the 2/24th (thanks for kind comments on the last post: Mrs. Drax crafted him, years ago!):
Next, here are the Hardened Veterans who went along; behind them are my two objective markers and my self-build (who went along for the ride):
These last two are of my 'army transport system' - two washing powder tablet boxes! I learned years ago that chimeras fit into them extremely well, and - padded with tissue - I carried all four in this one box, with accoutrements, and they didn't suffer (after a weekend with lots of train travel):
All the rest of the models were in trays in the other 'Bold' box - being inspected here by the real-life 'After the War' - our stately corgi, Cadfael:
Here's my army list:


Infantry Pl. HQ Squad (5)
Officer’s plasma pistol and ccw
Grenade launcher x3
Chimera (multilaser and hull heavy bolter)
= 110pts

Infantry Squad 1 (10)
Plasma gun
Chimera (multilaser and hull heavy bolter)
= 120pts

Infantry Squad 1 (10)
Melta gun
Chimera (multilaser and hull heavy bolter)
= 115pts

Hardened Veterans (10)
Heavy flamer
Grenade Launcher x2
Chimera (multilaser and hull heavy flamer)
= 155pts

TOTAL: 500pts

Enjoy the pics; more to follow...

Thanks, all,

- Drax.


  1. Bold boxes! Outstanding idea.

    Ain't it impressive how many guard you can get for 500pts. Can't wait to see the tournament pics.

  2. Excellent Drax! That's a significant fighting force for 500 points, too. There's nothing quite like seeing the look on your opponents face when he sees the rank upon rank of stalwart guardsmen!

    Looking forward to the after action report!

  3. Gotta love the Chug plus Squad option... nice.

    My personal favourite is the 4GL command squad with a Primaris Psyker in a 'second row' Chug.

    The combined firepower of 7 + 2D6 S6 hits in a turn is lovely!

    BTW, why bother with heavy bolters on the Chugs, surely heavy flamers are the way to go?

  4. Alrighty Drax, Meester 5th place!

    gaddamit, I really am going to have to figure out a better system for next time, haha.

    Although, I have to say, I was closer to that coveted wooden spoon!

  5. An awesome force - I still can't believe you managed to fit in so much impressive firepower into such a small points allocation!

  6. Thanks, All,

    Corbane: Mike suggested the boxes were a reflection of my playing style, but I'm not sure whether he meant 'bold' or 'soapy'!

    Mordian: Some of the infantry-only Guard armies were pretty fearsome to gaze upon too.

    Suneokun: For the first time, I tried a flamer on one of my 'chugs' (as you so determinedly term them!) - it didn't get much use, but I can see why it's a good combo these days now that the heavy bolter is mostly redundant. I'm thinking of equipping one of my griffons with one for close defence...

    TSINI: 'Twas a genuine pleasure;

    Mike: The wonder, really, was fitting four chimeras into such a small box!

  7. Perhaps Mike means "clean" mate - lol

    You can just see it. Drax drops down his box of Bold on the table and starts to pull out 4 chimera's, 200 guardmen and armoured company.

    Drax's bold boxes, they're like the tardis of the 40k world.


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