Wednesday, 16 September 2009

155 TOEMP 4: Limited Success.

Hey, All.

Just a quickie to say that I'll be pretty much playing my TOEMP 'joker' this week - though I honestly didn't think I'd need to. Bugger.

I've been working a lot at night, preparing new teaching resources into the wee hours, so painting's been tricky, and although I've got a fair bit done, there's only one thing complete - an objective marker for my mate Mike the Merciless, with whom I'll be entering the Calneage tournament in Wiltshire, on the weekend after next. Thanks to all those of you who offered him tips in the wake of my last post, and here's the obj-marker I made him:
Even though it's a poxy old marine model, I did very little with the 'pose' and I'm unconvinced by the arm bones and bloodstain (of course, it all looks better in real life, sans flash), I'm actually pleased with this, as it's the first model on which I've ever done edged highlights (or whatever they're called). 'Twas fun to paint in Mike's scheme, but vanilla marine models make Cadian guardsmen into an exciting painting prospect!

I've not been idle otherwise, though! Other things I've done include:
-- Converting three chimera turrets into WYSIWYG multilaser turrets;
-- Basecoating some more armoured fist troopers;
-- Almost finishing my Nork Deddog conversion, and
-- Almost finishing my last remaining grenade launcher veteran - you can see him on the right:
So yes - I've failed on this TOEMP challenge...

...But at least I still got some painting done against the odds!

I'm also almost entirely ready for Calneage now!

- Drax.


  1. One day, we shall look upon Golden Demon winners and see Drax up there.

    Looking good, great progress really. :)

    What's in the crate that the Space Marine gave his life for?

  2. haha good comment Hal!

    Drax you're adventurous painting is coming on leaps and bounds! Spot on work and look forward to a post dedicated to that last grenade launcher

  3. Good stuff Drax! I like how the objective marker turned out, and bravo for trying some new techniques - it definitely worked well!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. I really like the obj marker, especially the highlights! Very nice and neat my friend, I look forward to more of the same!

  5. I don't know what's in the red box, but I bet it's probably the Chapter Masters lunch!


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