Sunday, 6 September 2009

151 Armoured Fist Platoon HQ (and more Vets)

Hey, all.

Well, back when I engaged with the TOEMP challenge (see logo, right) I posted a list of things I wanted to get painted. As it happened, 73rd's ideas involved specific challenges - for example, painting up Fast Attack or special character choices this time - but that's less of a priority for me as I simply have to plough through the grunts.

And I'm getting there. Below are a few pics of my Armoured Fist platoon HQ. Like the rest of my A/F platoon, they're old metal Cadians, and they're horrible to paint (bland detail; huge hands; cruddy facial features) so they're hard to actually care much about when painting, but here they are:
If you're wondering about the officer's colour scheme, there are two reasons behind it: (1) he was already painted (ebay purchase) so although I touched up his face and re-did his eyes he's still got a sallow complexion and a mottled uniform (the ill-advised red webbing straps are a 'Drax' thing); and (2) he may occasionally proxy Al'Rahem, so the different 'look' works okay.

I enjoyed the challenge of giving two of them grenade launchers. I really love the look of the kneeling one - it looks like FW Elisian equipment - but the other one's not so great. He's got a plastic left arm:
On a brighter note, here's an old favourite of mine - my original hardened veteran sergeant with a sculpted cap:
This is what he used to look like (from this post) - you can see I've improved his skin tone, got rid of the awkward bolter and finished his shoulder pads. The cap was my first ever attempt at sculpting:
Finally, here's a work-in-progress shot of my veteran heavy bolter/autocannon team (the weapon's interchangeable) - if the loader looks dark it's because I've not done his skin yet:
Work'll be busy for a while, and baby's expected in two months, so posting will necessarily slow down for a while.

Hope you're all well; cheers for swinging by,

- Drax.


  1. j'aime bien le schéma de couleur de tes uniformes de vétérans
    good job

  2. The heavy weapon team is going to be excellent. I love the way you have posed them around the wall feature. It shows how effective a base can be.

  3. Merci, Ludo. Je n'aime pas les regles pour les gardes équipe d'armes lourdes nouvelle, mais oui...

    Thanks, John. I don't like the rules for the new teams, but yes...

    It's been a while since I tried French..!

  4. Those grenade launchers came out well mate, it's a good looking squad.

    Have you got any pics of the officers cap before you primed it? I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of headwear soon.

  5. Looking great, Drax! I really like the Vet sergeant after the weapon swap, and the grenade launchers are excellent. Nice work as always!

    Great news about the new mini-Drax, too!

  6. Impressive grenade launchers Drax! Nice conversions and excellent work on the hw bases.


  7. Sweet stuff, really like the base on the weapon team. Wish my first sculpting attempt had turned out as well as yours did.

  8. ..French? What can't you do, Drax!

    Looking good as usual! I have to agree with others on the heavy weapon base.

  9. the vet serg looks excellent now and the cap is brill. the bolter team is top notch too matey!

  10. Thanks...

    ...And trust me, Hal'jin: I certainly cannot do Polish!

  11. 'Beturan Saajunto' wa honto ni kakui daiyo! 'Rasu pisutoru' o kaeta wa motto ee desu ne?

    A: What language?
    B: What's it say?

    Gotta love those weapons teams, I'm struggling to find a 'role' for my heavy bolters or Missile launchers now. They're just too vulnerable to every S6 weapon. I'm coming to the conclusion that the three best HWT's are:

    a) Mortars (hidden, low heat and surprisingly dangerous)
    b) Lascannons (still very useful, even as just a GtG distraction from your demolisher)
    c) Autocannons (still the best anti-rhino weapon)...

    Check out my synopsis on the mighty chug (chimera) at pathfinder.

  12. I think the two grenade launcher conversions look great--I immediately recognized the old cadian models and how they both originally had just lasguns--I think the swap to GLs came out just fine.

    The sergeant looks great too--when I saw the picsure of the old one (with the awkward bolter), I thought "ick, that one didn't come out so well." The new version is a huge improvement. If unless you're looking for it, you can't even tell the cap's an original sculpt.

  13. More thanks, guys.

    Pathfinder, I'm going to avoid the temptation to search online. It reminded me of Tok Pisin but it isn't pidgin enough. Maybe Tagalog or something Pacific-rim? - But then I'm very unsure, and somewhat rusty.

    The C-V syllabic patterns are reminiscent of Japanese, but the sounds themselves don't seem to be, so again I don't think that's it. Nope: I got nothing.


  14. Hey Drax, your Guard continue to impress. I especially like the Sarge and his cap!

  15. Very cool. How many points of IG are you up to now?

  16. 'Beturan Saajunto' wa honto ni kakui daiyo! 'Rasu pisutoru' o kaeta wa motto ee desu ne?

    Of course its Japanese... "Beturan Saajunto" - Veteran Sergeant is really cool! 'Rasu Pisutoru' Las pistol conversion is much better, isn't it?

    Sorry for leaving you hanging so long...

    But you got me on the first post...

  17. Thank you!

    'Tis clear as the summer sun.

    - It is now, at least!

    Cheers, mate.

    - D.


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