Monday, 14 September 2009

154 Help Wanted: Enquire Within


My mate and forthcoming doubles partner Mike the Merciless is having trouble with metal miniatures. Is anyone able to help, please? Follow the link above for more...

This mini is HIS - not mine:
Nice, huh?


- Drax.


  1. Drax. I can't post this on your mate's site. Apologies.

    Hey. I got a tip from Tim Lison a few years back that seems to work ok (both metal and otherwise).

    He said that he blends just a bit of glosscoat directly into his paints as he mixes them on his palette -not much mind, but enough to give the paint some extra strength. Moreover, it adds a nice vibrancy to the colors.

    I would also second the post about using some soap and water as well.

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  3. Thanks for posting the call for help!

    To the Anonymous contributer, cheers for the tip - I've never actually heard of this technique, have you or Tim got any images on-line so I can see the effects?


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