Sunday, 31 January 2010

186 Final Veterans Finished (with new camo).

Yup - I finally finished the last of my veterans models.

Here they are (photos taken in weak winter light):
You'll note they're different. The plasma gunner is one I started two years ago, so I finished him up as he was always intended to be:
The grenade launcher is an experiment: I really didn't fancy painting more of my traditional DPM camouflage, so I tried something new on a whim...and I like how it turned out:
It's very simple: Scorched Brown drybrushed over a basecoat of Dark Angels Green and followed by little clusters of three dots of Bleached Bone.
The third chap is different because he was thrown in as a freebie with an eBay win, but his melta gun was needed, so he's joined the ranks of the veterans.
Well, that's another unit to tick off the big list then!


- Drax.


  1. Excellent mate, look's like I'm not the only one who's upped their painting game.

  2. Are those stripes and the V on the pads totally freehand? That camo scheme is really good as well. How many models have you got left to do now?

    Also, I'm about to go and eat dinner and my verification word is "fatiess". Alright don't rub it in!

  3. Nice to see your Vets. finished. Time for me to break out the brush and carry on with my troops.

    Keep the good work coming.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  4. Very nice work! Love the camo that you're doing, it's inspired me to try it out on a couple models of my own. Top notch!

  5. the drybrushing then three dots works just as well as the other method. im in pain seeing you and col.corbane cracking on thru the troops while i sit here in my crappy college room in fleetwood with no space to bring my guys up...
    keep up the good work drax

  6. Thanks, guys - as always.

    Soundwave: yes, it's all freehand - all my vets have different (simple) heraldic devices in green and biscuit on their right pads - but I'm running out of interesting two-tone ideas.


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