Friday, 20 August 2010

222 Classic Armoured Fist Platoon - Complete!

Well then, more progress for the ol' progress blog. At last, my Armoured Fist platoon (comprising my old metal Cadians):

Pics first, then notes [There are links to old posts on the component units too]. Please forgive lighting - there's been a notable absence of sunlight recently...
HQ Section [gren, gren, flamer; officer could also be Al'Rahem proxy]:

1 Section [plasma gun]:

2 Section [melta gun]:

3 Section [grenade launcher]:

Here's a selection of models I quite like (the grenade launchers are all converted):

And here are the squad ID flashes:

It's took a fair bit of patient collecting and a little converting to ensure they're armed the same as my normal infantry platoons, but it's a simple and cheap combonation of weapons, and I find it works well. That said, having assembled the troops for this platoon, I then decided that I liked the missile launcher models way too much, so I just had to put those in too...a little spuriously, I fear.

At least eight of these have been with me since I bought the Cadian Shock Troops boxed set, over a decade ago, and as is befitting this veteran status I figure they could also double as chimera-mounted hardened vets if needed. As it happens, I've a few spare plasma and melta guns!

- "But surely Drax isn't getting all competitive?!" I hear you cry.

No, but I'm working on an idea to offer my services as a sparring partner for anyone at the club who wants to practise before tournaments, and these are so often an integral part of the competitive IG build...well - we'll see.

So there you go. Another thing crossed off the ol' painting chart.

By the way, the informal contest for naming a brace of my tanks ends tomorrow. Probably midday-ish, BST.


- Drax.


  1. Nice work, as usual. :) Metal Cadians were quite awesome!

    I'm itching to get back to the Guard for a bit now and started another "secret" project. One day, 42nd will match 24th in numbers! (Why did I notice the similarity in the numbers only now?)

  2. These are looking awesome! Love the grenade launcher conversions.

    ps. Did you end up ordering something from CSNStores?

  3. Cool beans!
    More meat for the grinder is always good.
    I never got any old style cadian models but they have a unique character to them that I really like.
    And since IG has a strong codex now I see no problem at making competitive lists ;)

  4. Excellent work, as usual! The more I look at the old metal Cadians the more I like them - I'm very tempted to pick up a few for a squad, especially after seeing yours!

  5. The OS cadians have a very nice warsaw pact feel, especially placed next to chimeras. I want some now!

  6. What namely you're saying is a terrible mistake.


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