Sunday, 15 August 2010


Hullo, faithful readers!

A simple competition for you, as mentioned in my last post. The prize is'll see why below!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment to suggest a name or names for my most recently completed Leman Russes, shown here (the top one's an annihilator, and the demolisher also has a vanquisher turret):
If you've already submitted a name before (including the original annihilator post) I shall consider that an entry, so it's worth checking the links above to see if someone's got there first.

As for the prize? Well, here's where it gets interesting...for me at least:

The prize is for Drax to paint up that unit you just never get around to painting...or never want to.

That's why it's an optional prize, because my painting is at best a 'good' tabletop standard - I like to think of it as simple but effective. Obviously not everyone's going to want to take me up on this: you may not like others painting your units, or you may simply not like my style. Those of you who are regular readers know my abilities, so I'm not going to go into the details of what I can and can't do, but I'll welcome all name suggestions, and the offer's there for the winner(s).


1) The winner(s) will be the name(s) I like best. I may ask Mrs. Drax for help, if she cares enough. If there are two separate winners, then both may claim'prize'.
2) I'll happily cover the cost of materials as well as the normal postage cost of returning your figures to you (including abroad);
3) Basing minis is not really a strength of mine so I probably won't do that bit.
4) I'll paint it/them however you want me to, to the best of my abilities.

I figure it might be a bit of a break for you, and it'll almost certainly give me something different to paint, too!

For your reference, the names of my other Leman Russes are as follows:

MBT: Quietus
MBT: Purple Haze
Exterminator: Resurgam
Exterminator: Sirius

...and they're all named thus for a reason. See here for details if you're interested.

Good luck, and thanks for the interest!

- Chris.


  1. for the annihilator waiting for divine inspiration

    divinus letum - divine annihilation

  2. Lux Exitus for the Annihilator - Light of Destruction.

    Gladius Imperator for the Demolisher/Lancea Imperator for the Vanquisher - Sword of the Emperor/Lance of the Emperor.

  3. Lux Deorum for the annihalator (Light of the Gods)


    Imperial Wrath for the demolisher

  4. I rather like the connotations behind Iratus Ventus Imperator.

    Which is loosely Angry Wind of the Emperor!

    Plus, it has 'wind' in it to tie in with your seasons!

  5. Thanks so far, chaps.

    @Geek: seasons? I'm not with you...

  6. Embarrassing misread. Nothing to do with seasons. However, I still stand by the name. I would imagine the Emperors Wind to be mighty indeed...

  7. For the demolisher: Corrumpo Frendo

    Dog Latin for to destroy by crushing.

    For the annihilater: Levis Extermino

    Dog Latin for the burning light.

  8. Constupator Audax

    The Bold Ravisher

    Ok, I'll shut up now.

  9. Demolisher: Redemtus - Latin for "rescued." A take on its "rescue" by you through ebay.

    Annihilator: Croceus - Latin for yellow, the primary color of its original paint scheme.

  10. How about this:

    Demolisher: Achilles Wrath, something that represent its single-minded destructive potential.

    Annihilator: Zeus Thunderbolt fitting its inexorable rate of fire.

  11. Great - thanks for these, chaps!

    I think the deadline will be this coming Saturday.


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