Sunday, 1 August 2010

218 Hydra Conversion Finished


Well, many of you saw this in its early (and middling) stages, but here is my completed Hydra conversion:
I even managed - against the odds - to spray varnish it sans frosting:
For those of you who are interested in any of the earlier stages, HERE is my post on how I converted the Aegis defence turret, and HERE is the some of the backstory of the converted hull, whose previous incarnation was (and still is) the 'Wyvern' variant (HERE).

I love it when a plan (finally) comes together!

- Drax.


  1. Was and is an excellent home-made turret :)

    reminds me of an old Dinky toy i had as a kid. :)

  2. Excellent looking conversion! Now I've just got the get the confidence to try the same.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  3. Excellent conversion job mate, you've done her proud.

  4. Nice. Might want to add a tracking radar of some sort, but Nice.

  5. Great Job!

    Looks even better painted :D

  6. Really nice!
    It's about time I did some expanding of the 42nd motor pool, I'm getting a little jealous!

  7. Thanks for the compliments, guys!

    @ #2501: I did contemplate it briefly, but I really wanted to keep this as quick and simple to convert as possible...whilst trying to avoid the whole aegis-turret-blithely-perching-atop-a-standard-chimera look.

  8. After I found your site I ventured into making some of my own. I then of course, could not for the life of me find you again. Thanks for the inspiration to craft my own Hydra battery!

  9. nice Hydras. I converted and made 6 hydras for my army. They were alot of fun, and I love fielding them.


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