Saturday, 21 August 2010

223 Competition Results and Good News

Good news first:

My new club is having a mini tournament next Thursday - five games of 400pts: Combat Patrol, essentially, with some challenging embuggerments. Should be a good laugh and a good challenge!
And in other news, I've decided that the names of my most recent two Leman Russ Variants will be as follows:
Annihilator: Lux Exitus - Light of Destruction
Demolisher: Redemtus - Rescued.

My sincere thanks and muted congratulations to (both!) The Jim [no link?] and The Inner Geek for the first one, and to The Other Kevin for the latter. Cheers, guys! - If any of you three wish to claim the somewhat dubious prize, please just drop me an email or comment below. It'd be nice if someone does, but I do appreciate you guys are way better at painting than me!

Thanks so much for all the entries, everyone: there were twenty-six in total, with some great rationales and a few giggles, too. Cheers.

- Drax.


  1. Hmmm. While I'd like to take some credit, I don't think I can. Lux Exitus was not my entry? Still, as I said, I'd like to take some credit.. I probably somehow inspired "The Jim"... even though he posted before me...

    Great names though! And if it was me, I'd take you up on the Dubious Prize just to teach you a lesson for offering one up!

  2. Well, I'm glad you liked the suggestion, Admiral!

    Also, the prize is less dubious than you'd think, especially considering my (relatively) abysmal painting skills!

  3. Thanks, Chaps,

    ...and Geek - read the following and week:

    The Inner Geek said...

    Since the main armament is lascannons which fire lasers, I'd go with a name with some reference to light in it. Light of Destruction or some such might be nice?

    26 October 2009 01:47

    And The Jim, you are as a closed book to me, sir.

    Right then. Is there anything you guys have knocking about at the bottom of the plastic crack pile, perchance?

  4. Hmmm. Let me think about it. I know I have something around here that might need a spot of paint on it.

  5. While the honor of naming one of the Admiral's tanks is prize enough, I'll dig through my crack pile and see if there is something unlikely to get painted by me anytime soon. I think I have an old metal commissar that may fit the bill.


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