Sunday, 7 June 2015

505 - 6MMRPC 2: It Begins.

Right then. I've started to tackle the plastic pile.

First up? Three of the five Plastic Soldier Company Shermans that I bought so that I can do two very specific things:
1) Replace the three resin US Shermans from the old-style 'Open Fire' starter set so I can repaaint them as the heavily armoured backbone of my nascent Desert Rats force, and
2) Replace one of my two Fireflies in each troop with a normal Sherman, so that I can play an Op Overlord list rather than an Op Market Garden list.
[with apologies for crappy mobile phone pic]

Construction even included a bit of painting, as whilst the tanks were undercoated and green basecoated on the sprues, I still needed to base the tracks black.

So I did. 

Modelling + Painting = 6MMRPC Win.

See you soon,

- D.


  1. Wish they had a kit for Sherman I's! They look nice plastics - just needstowage! ;)

  2. Oh, I just absolutely LOVE the PSC kits. They do come with spare tracks etc., which I'll put on before painting, but no stowage per se.

    It's a pity, but then over the years I've got used to my tanks at all scales looking pretty darned 'factory fresh'. In part it's because I think a lot of stowage sculpts that I've seen aren't very convincing, and in part it's because I really hate painting swathes of cloth at any scale!

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers, John. I really do rate PSC's range. Bloomin' cheap too...

  4. And hurrah for actual progress !

  5. Great to see the 6MMRPC starting to work its mind-focusing magic! Looking forward to seeing your Desert Rats take shape :-)

  6. It's amazing what you can get done once you sit down and work on this painting thing for a bit. =P

  7. Good stuff! Maybe seeing all this armor being completed will motivate me to open up my box of armor :)
    Though, let's be honest, I should probably just sell it all to you - that way I can actually see it completed!

  8. Good to see some positive work output!

    I painted up my extra shermans to be able to run Overlord Canadians also.


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