Monday, 18 August 2008

033 Minor Revelations in Basing

Success! Viz:

I'll explain. When basing (which I dislike), one of the things which annoys me most is the fiddly processes of
(1) applying glue around the feet;
(2) dipping the model in the gravel etc. and trying to ensure an even coverage;
(3) waiting (overnight) for it to dry;
(4) basecoating it all black, which is fiddly;
(5) drybrushing it grey;
(6) edging the base in black, and
(7) applying the identification flash.

Now obviously, had I not already undercoated all of my models, I could apply the gravel and then spray it black. But 'tis too late, as always.

A while ago, I tried emptying the contents of some ink cartidges into the tub. This worked, but not too well. The coverage of the gravel was uneven and rather watery.

BUT TODAY...I got into the bright lights of the local town and bought a pot of Indian Ink from a stationer's shop. Genius! It works so well that it'll negate the whole fiddlyness of step (4)! Hooray!

That only leaves steps (1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7)!

Incidentally, the gravel I use is a mix of GW's and some other stuff.

- Drax.


  1. That is genius! I base as I go so my gravel is primed black with the minis. But this, this could help a lot of people out.

  2. Cheers!

    I am - to use the colloquial - "well chuffed" with this: the gravel's tured out as black as pitch, and the colour's holding fast too.

    Actually, given what it actually looks like, I suppose "black as coal" would've been a more apt simile!

    - Drax

  3. Indian Ink, eh? I'll have to get me some of that for an asphalt/gravel rubble I'm planning for a future city-scape terrain set. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

  4. Drax's blog, supplemental...

    Hmm. Okay, so I also experimented with mixing the Indian ink with PVA (white) glue. I'm still waiting on the results of it's adhesive properties, but my god it was strange - it kind of curdled when I mixed it with the glue, and is now a very smooth, jet-black paste. Awesome!

    A little difficult to apply when trying to stick black gravel to a black base around black boots whilst in artificial light, though...!

    - Drax

  5. @ Darksol:

    Thanks; and if it's any help it covered regular gravel of diffrent sizes and porousness(?) just as well as it covered GW's fairly porous pseudo-gravel.

    - Drax

  6. Nice discovery and thanks for the heads up.

    My only question was about the color holding true but it seems like that's not a problem.

  7. Latest update: it's now Tuesday morning, and the Indian-inked-blacked-'white'-glue (see above) worked like a charm!

    Great adhesion and it's jet black, but I hope you'll excuse me: I can't be arsed to take a picture. Bsides - black doesn't photograph well. You'll see the A/Fist unit (my Guinea pigs) later today.

    Indian ink is Drax's new friend.

    - Drax.

  8. I had a thought yeaterday.

    Given the effectiveness of both the blackened gravel and the blackened PVA/white glue...[imagine the lightbulb pinging on, here]...if I can only find a way of artificially 'drybrushing' the blackened gravel grey, then that'd save yet another stage of basing.

    Or is that just crazy talk?

    I'm thinking, maybe coating my hands in grey(!), letting it almost dry and then rubbing the gravel in my palms.

    I'll let you know...

    - Drax


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