Friday, 15 August 2008

031 F/Sup Platoon 1 - HQ Section

[21/06/09 - Please note: 1 Pl has now been superceded by the new codex version 'tactical' platoon. Follow this link for more details.]

At last I've finished them - the first unit to be finished in The Shed!

This is the command section for the first of two fire support platoons - the rest of the platoon has already been posted as finished: you'll find links below. Here's the usual front and back views...

...and (although the photos didn't come out at all well, damnit) four close-ups of the medic - a model of which I'm quite proud. He's made of FW Cadian upgrade bitz, and I have to say was surprisingly enjoyable to paint:

Here's the whole of F/Sup Platoon 1, above;

Here's A/T squad B;

Here's A/P squad C;

And here's A/P squad D.

You'll find further details on the post with the whole platoon.

- Drax


  1. Nice work. You know who I like the most... the Sergeant (the boss). I like the fact that he has different color camo on than the rest of the guys in the squad.

    And the Medic, he looks good too.

  2. The medic is a bit of a show stealer, but they all look really good.

  3. Thanks, guys!

    @ Ron: Yeah, all my officers wear khaki - it makes them stand out on the battlefield so that snipers can pick 'em off easier. It seemed a suitably 'Guard' thing to do.

    I suppose my transatlantic chums could liken it to the American revolutionaries' convenience of anti-officer target practice!

    I guess there's a reason officers 'dress down' these days, eh?

    - Drax

  4. Hi Drax,

    I love the medic character - Where does the head come from? Ive not seen that one before - was it a conversion or a standard head available somewhere?

  5. Hullo, Mate -

    It's from the Forgeworld Cadian upgrade pack. Ditto both his arms, actually: it's one of FW's more useful kits.

    Cheers for stopping by...

    - Drax

  6. An injured medic, how ironic... yeah great work on that model though well done Admiral *salutes*


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