Saturday, 23 August 2008

037 Poll Vaulting's not like I was going to turn down a heading like that now, was it? - More on the poll below. But first...

Shout-outs! There are some new folks in town, and I'd like to "show them some love" (a phrase I've come to rather enjoy)! Please check out the links on the left, and amongst them you'll find...:

  1. Master Darksol, over at All Things 40K - simply fantastic, and with a great dose of humour. Check out the step-by-step for his terrain set of an Eldar maiden world. Sadly, because I'm not much of a fluff-bunny I don't really know what a 'maiden world' is...but then I think I can pretty much guess!
  2. Devilin, over at Pathfinder - so far he's been pretty damned prolific: Lord knows when - or even if - he sleeps! There's a good range of cool models on display there as well as some home-made rules with an humorous edge and I've particularly been enjoying his thoughts on tactics and models - particularly the Guard stuff!
  3. Lord General Gordon, over at 20th Praetorian - I can't really understand a word of it as my German is only very basic, but again, there's some cool models (another expanding Praetorian regiment) and Gordon's kind enough to write in English when he comments elsewhere. There's some sort of hugely ironic post-colonial link there, but I can't quite place it...! Check out the awesome names of some of his models, e.g. Staff Corporal Oswald Baxtrey-Martin, General Commissar Isidor Nemrod and Kommissar Jephta Kairi. Cool.
  4. Crusher Joe over at Ultramarine Blues (great blog name, too!) - passing thoughts and simply smashing battle/tournament reports. Read it.
  5. Last but never least, my (comparatively!) old friend Brian over at The Inner Geek. He's a sterling supporter of this burgeoning blog community, but more importantly, he's documenting his Herculean efforts at building his shiny, new Reaver Titan. And jeepers, there are a lot of bits (see pic of leg bits, below)!

THE (moderately successful) POLL:

Yes, the poll results are in, and thank you to the 17 viewers who voted (I kicked-off myself, to see if it worked!). The thing is, of course, that I've already finished the Armoured Fist squad, so I figured I'd work on the next two most popular concurrently. They are:

1st, my snipers,
2nd, my basilisk and griffon (both currently WiP).

I have to say, it'll be good to work on some vehicles again (and no, I haven't forgotten the great suggestions you gave me for the Veterans' shoulder pads) - I'd actually finished the basilisk, but decided to repaint it solid green. Despite how good the camouflage looked, I wanted it to fit in better with the other chimera-based light vehicles.

And as for the snipers? Well, I think you might be a little disappointed. I made a start on them a couple of years ago (when I worked out the DPM camouflage you can also see on the Vets) but the models really aren't too interesting. Ah well, at least they should be relatively quick to paint.

Now let's see how much I can get done once I start work at my new school on Sept 1st!

- Drax


  1. Wow Drax, thanks for showing me, "the love". And as to your question in my comments page, being a comparatively old friend, you may use anything thing you find on my blog, pics included.

    I look forward to seeing some of your vehicle work coming up. I expect it will be top notch as is all your work!

  2. Ooops missed the voting but I say do more war walkers. the more stompy robots the better! :)

  3. Hey Drax, thanks for the heads up, Devilin is out and about at the moment, so it's me Suneokun, holding the fort! Glad you're enjoying the Guard material (as its mostly mine , hehehe!), Devilin and I have some great plans ahead...

    1) Expansion and Completion of the Kochi 20th Light Infantry, including Adeptus Mechanicus Orgyrns.

    2) Pre-fall Temple theatre including raised walkways.

    3) Completion of the Ork Horde with some awesome Battlewagon conversions on the horizon and the completion of the Blood Angels 3rd company.

    4)The next army - take your vote... will it be Necrons or Tyranids.

  4. Thanks, all!

    @ SMIG:
    Naturellement, and ditto. I've already started stabbing brushes at the snipers, but it'll be great to have a crack at the arty too!

    @ Scarylion and Suneokun:
    It looks like you've got some interesting stuff coming up! As for stompy robots? Well, they may be on a back burner for a little while, but if you've any suggestion for easy nose-art for the next two I'll happily start sketching ideas (take a look at my sentinels to see what I mean).

    - Drax

  5. a mighty mighty Thank You for the very flattering plug! That's seriously cool of you to do.


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