Monday, 25 August 2008

038 Sentinels, Powerfists and Lions?

Three things, briefly.

1) Check out Pathfinder's awesome treatise on the plight of the sentinel - the nail has been hit squarely on the head there...
2) Check out A Kiss with a Powerfist when you get a chance: my friend and erstwhile opponent has joined the blog world in the hope of becoming more prolific within so nurturing an environment, and
3) Pop over to the friendly chaps at Scarylionsucksat40k: at the moment they're experimenting with washes...

Oh, and I've made a start on those snipers. They are pretty boring though...

That is all.

- Drax


  1. You are a regular blog pimp. I shall go and visit these blogs. And I'll tell'em Drax sent me!

  2. Thanks for the heads up Drax ... and the comments are most valued.

  3. Ahh well. It'll soon be back to dim obscurity when the new term starts and I actually have to earn my living again, eh?

    - Drax

  4. Drax, check out the snipers over at Templar Vanquish for some cool small conversions. Maybe that will make them less boring?


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