Thursday, 14 August 2008

030 Emerging Third Columnist

Hey! Just a quickie today - I've a nice post for later, but I ran out of time earlier* and the daylight will start to fade soon, so finishing and photos will have to wait til tomorrow.

Wanted to extend my thanks to Running from the Law and Tips for New Bloggers for enabling me to go to a three-column format!

Here's a WiP sneak-peak for later:

- Drax

* Being absent-minded and unfamiliar with local bus routes I got on the wrong bus earlier, and had to walk about 5 miles up hill and down dale to get home, armed with nothing other than a quiche I couldn't eat and two bottles of carpet shampoo! Happily, Kate and Cadfael came out to meet me and walked with me: I'm a lucky fella.


  1. Sorry about the long walk, but I envy your company!

    The sneak peak looks pretty cool, I can't wait to see more.

    I too am a new disciple of the 'tips for new bloggers' page. And, it's all thanks to your question in DVDHawks comments.

    Talk to you later and mind your bus routes!

  2. Quiche and carpet shampoo - I do not want to know what you have planned for the evening :p

    Liking the new digs around here, glad I could pass along the info.

    That medic looks intense! I like him.

  3. Boy, you guys sure know how to keep a fellow blogger on his feet.

    Looks good Drax, but then again I don't come here for the format, you've got great stuff here.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Cheers, guys.

    It's now 1.15am and apparently when the sky is clear it gets cold in The Shed [for those of you Stateside, in the UK it's almost always cold at night - even in the height of summer] Hmmm. Think I might need a mini heater.

    ANYWAY: the unit is finally finished, and with it the first of my fire support platoons. Photos in the morning hopefully, and I'll get it posted - yay!

    - Drax


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