Friday, 15 August 2008

032 Fire Support Platoon 1

[21/06/09 - Please note: 1 Pl has now been superceded by the new codex version 'tactical' platoon. Follow this link for more details.]

And here it is: D Coy's Fire Support Platoon 1:
So, the idea of these F/Sup platoon is that the poor bloody infantry platoons are freed-up to slog around the board catching bullets and shooting their special weapons whilst these chaps provide covering heavy weapons fire and attract tons of fire in return. It's expensive points-wise, but it does mean that I don't have to make the call between infantry sections either firing en masse at troops (ineffectually) or standing still in order to fire one missile launcher at a tank (again, ineffectually).

The platoon is in the Cadian 24th's D Coy, along with another identical F/Sup platoon and a mortar platoon for indirect fire support. It comprises the following sub-units, each of which has a hyperlinked subtitle:

HQ Section - NEW!
A/T squad B
A/P squad C
A/P squad D
I've explained briefly before, but in case you were wondering: each F/Sup platoon's A/T squad A (equipped with lascannon) is on permanent detachment to the two commanders of B Coy and D Coy (these being the two companies I own). These squads are not painted yet (27/01/09 - one of them is now!).

I'm pleased with this unit, even though some of the older painting jobs are a little ropey!


- Drax

PS: Kate's put photos of the new cottage up onto her
blog now. Hurrah.


  1. Loved it.


  2. Those guys look great! And a solid theory on how to use them too. What's next on the Drax agenda? I'm off to view Kates blog now. Later!

  3. @ Joshua and SMIG: Thanks, mates!

    And since you ask, I should actually finish my first Armoured Fist squad tonight/tomorrow - although they're the old Cadian models, so I don't like them much.

    This means I am at the whim of the poll. At the mo' it looks like it'll be the snipers, but I'll need something to go alongside them. Thanks for voting a little more adventurously, Brian...d'you really want me to start rolling out my Leman Russ squadrons...?!

    - Drax


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