Saturday, 16 January 2010

180 Incoming Games


I actually have a game lined up for next weekend - three games to be precise - and as I've not played since September, I'm very much looking forward to it.

So much so that not only am I travelling all the way from South Devon to Cambridgeshire for the privilege; I also plan to take an entirely painted army of three detachments: 400pts, 700pts and 1000pts*. Yippee!

And I only have one-and-a-bit models left to paint for it.

Best get on with it then, eh?

- Drax.

* I actually have around 3000pts' worth painted, but I've never fielded them en masse like this.


  1. good luck!

    take a camera and write up some battle reports for us!

  2. Thanks, Chaps - and I just finished the last bit. Hurrah!

    Watch for *some* pics tomorrow...

  3. Is this a tornament or just a mates get together? And watch out for the pot holes, no seriously it's like the roads have been carpet bomb'd around here.

  4. Just old mates, I'm afraid. As for the potholes, I can imagine it's got pretty bad, and thanks for the warning, but I'm only driving to Wiltshire, then a friend's driving the rest.

  5. Don't be afraid of old mates there always the best :) I really need to get my Gak together and find a local club or i'll give up again for another10 or 15 years lol.


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