Saturday, 23 January 2010

183 Drax's Sly Marbo Variant

Hullo, Gang.

By the time this is posted, I'll be en route to Cambridge to play 3 battles - the details of which will follow - but as this chap will be something of a surprise to my opponents, I didn't want to post him until I was already there!

Sadly, the pics aren't great (cruddy winter light) but here's my version of Guardsman Sly Marbo. Please trust me - he looks considerably better in real life:
It's just the old metal Catachan lascannon loader with a converted 'ripper pistol' and a different paint job. I hate the muscle-bound look of the Catachans, but Marbo is Marbo, and I quite fancied trying my hand at some 'GW-style' camouflage. I quite enjoyed it, actually!

This is one of the quickest models I've ever painted, even with those stripes on the 'demo charge' which Mrs. Drax noted made it look like one of the traps that the Ghostbusters used.

This (of course) made me laugh and hug her and love her even more.

Hope all's well - I'll let you know how the games went, and show you my new Officer of the Fleet model too (finally painted after some six years!).
- Drax.


  1. Putting your post on a delayed schedule so your mates don't know you've got him, that's sneaky, I love it.

    Cracking model mate, talk about only seeing the white of his eyes and yes, that is a trap from ghostbusters.

    Good luck with the games.

  2. Verrrry nice, Drax! I really like it, the ripper pistol turned out very neat, and the camo looks great. Very sneaky!

  3. I do like that camo job very nice and i wish i'd seen it about 2 weeks ago as i'd have stolen it. Still might ;)

  4. Thanks, chaps!

    We won the first game at the last minute, althouugh Marbo wasn't fielded.


    Oh, and this is Drax posting!

  5. A true guardsmen... sneaky, full of tricks and making sure they have the upper hand. Nice work mate! Model looks great, I look forward to hearing about what he manages to do on the battlefield

  6. Very nice indeed. Your painting is getting better and better.

  7. Nice work. Did the charge come with the kit?

  8. Looks awesome Drax, and ready to dish out the hurt.

    Remember, don't cross the streams!

  9. Haha, Love the ghostbusters comment, very true! Good job with the model mate, I hope it really puts the fear into those enemies!

  10. I like him a lot - certainly looks like he means business!

  11. Very ghostbusters! I'm down in Plymouth on Friday ... are you about?

  12. Cheers again!

    By the way, Blitzspear: it's very simply horizontal splodges of Macharius Solar Orange with Chaos Black painted within, leaving a border of about 1mm.

  13. That's a good looking model sir. Excellent use of the loader model!

  14. Very cool take on Marbo. I like him!


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