Wednesday, 27 January 2010

184 Officer of the Fleet


This is the other model I completed recently - my Officer of the Fleet:
Not the best paint job ever, but the face and hair were really awkward. Like my recent Marbo, he didn't photgraph well; he looks far better in real life, especially the colour palette. Trust me.
Some of you may recognise him as Maximillian Weissmann - he's the commander of the Forgeworld baneblade Arethusa, but here he makes an apt model for my fleet officer.

For those of you who've not seen her, I've yet to paint up my baneblade, Zarathustra, but I've had both models for about eight years now - when I decided to get back into the hobby.

In case you were one of the readers who kindly wished me luck, we only got to play one game this weekend just gone (an unfortunate but understandable combination of unpreparedness and unfamiliarity with 5th Ed - not on my behalf) but my side won right at the end. It was fun.


- Drax.


  1. Nice mini, and congrats on the win!

  2. Excellent work as usual sir.

  3. Looking good Drax! I like the awards on his chest and that his "white" cloak actually looks a like he's been wearing it through the mud.

  4. Nice. Pale paint jobs are always a bit hit and miss; mine seem either better or worse than the rest, never the same. And it changes each time I look at them.

    btw, a doppelganger ?:

  5. That's one snappy officer! Very cool and original model to use. My Officer is feeling rather shabby in comparison! :)

    Do you have any other advisors planned?

  6. He's a fine looking model (although he could stand to have some sort of embelishment on his cloak).

    Looking forward to seeing your take on Zarathustra. She's a beast of a tank...

  7. Very nice job! I always liked the M. Weissmann model, and the paint scheme you used is rather striking. Congrats on the win as well!

  8. Dear Admiral
    I am always disappointed by the way my character figures look to a high resolution lense. I absolutely believe your stuff looks great in the 'flesh'.

  9. Thanks, chaps!

    I've just realised that from a distance his three medals look a bit like the tri-service 'Help 4 Heroes' colours: I may just have to make this the case!

    @Zzzzzz: Nothing to do with me, but good spot!

    @Kron: Thanks, and maybe. I have a model I knocked together years ago as an artillery spotter - he may yet become my MoO...

    @39,999: No chance, mate! I'll save that sort of scariness for a model I like more.

    - D.

  10. Yep, looks bang on, like a proper rupert. ;-)

    OK, you've done the commander, when are you going to do the baneblade?


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