Tuesday, 12 January 2010

179 Musings on the Future


For obvious reasons, many of you recently have been posting either reviews of 2009 or your plans for 2010: it's great to see so many grand plans!

As for me? Well, being a teacher I'm stuck in the academic calendar, and as such my 'new year' really starts on September 1st [also my wedding anniversary: benefit = easy to remember; drawback = easy to be bogged-down with school stuff!]. I'm not much of a one for resolutions either, but I fancied posting, so here are some thoughts...

The models I'm proud of from '09 include my mortars, my finished wyvern, and the finishing of (almost) all of my veterans, including G/Sgt Harker and the second veteran heavy weapon team:
The painting I'm proud of includes freehand details on some guardsmen (numbers and aquilas), freehand nose art on a sentinel, and some attempts at edging on a space marine objective marker for a mate:
I'd hoped to finish off my infantry comapny by the end of my Christmas holidays, but that didn't happen, so things to try to get done this year include the following:

- Finish the last of my basic infantry (bringing the total company strength to 164 pax)
- Finish my sentinels and Leman Russes
- Finish off a few charcter models
- Paint at least another few stormtroopers
- Paint my increasingly ancient (FW) baneblade
- Paint my third squad of (old metal) armoured fist troops
- Get more scenery built/painted (mostly painted)
- Finish some of my Warhammer FB units properly.

Interestingly, I've no desire to buy any new models. Of course, some of the next IG models could be great...but I certainly don't need anything new, and I've managed to resist those valks so far!

Here's to a good 2010, eh

- Drax.

(Guess who's avoiding the huge pile of marking he has in front of him!)


  1. Over the past year your blog has been a constant source of inspiration for me, not least of which was the decision to start blogging m'self.

    The Wyvern stands as my favorite of 2009, and Harker's veterans turned out top notch. Can't wait to see what 2010 brings!


  2. Those aquilias were top notch and make me feel guilty every time I decide not to try and freehand something.

    Here's to another good year!


  3. Unfortunately ... the Nids are calling me. Thank goodness it was my bday last Sunday.

  4. Thank you very much for the kind comments!


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