Sunday 13 January 2013

348 Sherman Patrol!


Well now, these are the two tank platoons I finished over Christmas to support my Flames of War 11th Armoured Division force:
They're nominally from 3 RTR (Royal Tank Regt), but please let me make the following notes:
1) I know the 'Taurus Pursuant' divisional markings are huge, but they're the only ones I could find and I can't make my own.
2) The decals are from the Plastic Soldier Company, as are 5/8 of the tanks in the pics. The Platic Soldier Company makes a an absolutely beautiful British Sherman/Firefly model - 5 vehicles for about £17 - which is a fraction of the cost of the Battlefront ones. Which leads me onto...
3) ...Yes, I know that the three resin tanks are US Shermans. They're the ones from the old Flames of War starter set. Sorry: I'm a cheapskate and not hell-bent on historical accuracy (see point 1, above!). The may be rotated out of service in the future...
4) Finally, note the lack of tactical air-recognition 'Allied Stars'. The force I'm compiling is supposed to be a couple of weeks after D-Day, and I've heard/read that a number of British units painted them out soon after landing. I don't know whether 3RTR did, but I'm rubbish at tiny free-hand and devoid of decals!

Naturally, this is their current 'transport solution':
The Germans'll never suspect Michael Flatley!

I was amazed at how drab and muted 'real' tanks are to paint after the deliberate contrasts we see in 40k...

Thanks all,

More 40K soon - and a bit of a history post too, methinks...

- D.

Tuesday 8 January 2013

347 "MEDIC!" ...(or Why I Love the NHS)

Daughter No.2 was taken poorly over Christmas (Christmas Day itself no less!) with bronchiolitis, and the poor wee mite needed to go into hospital for a couple of days.

[Here there was to be an utterly heart-wrenching pic of her with oxygen and feeding tubes...but for some reason Blogger won't let me upload images at the moment. Hmm...]

Thank the Emperor she's far, far better now.

Thank you, wonderful staff of QA Hospital, Portsmouth, and your wonderful Paediatrics Ward.

Another one survives to fight another day in the Emperor's light...

- Drax.