Wednesday 29 February 2012

300 Drax's Whole Army

Hullo! ...On the remains of this fine Leap Year Day, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me get to my 300th Post!
As promised, please find below a handful of the 120+ pics I took of my entire army last weekend at The Giant's Lair (my FLGS). It was a blast!

The whole lot:
Rifle company (front and rear):
Hardened veterans:
Armoured Fist platoon, with attached units:

...and some tanks:

More soon. Much, much more.

- Chris


PS: It's not atually my whole army: I forgot my HQ heavy weapons squads - a heavy bolter squad and a lascannon squad.

Saturday 25 February 2012

299 After the War - Regimental Mascot

Well then, the next post is the big 300, but having finally based him after only three years, I proudly present to you...


- Regimental Mascot of 2/24th Cadian Light Infantry:

Here he is in his original incarnation, and post 298 saw some recent pictures of his real-life muse, Cadfael.

Please bear in mind that these models are old, my painting's improved since then(!) and that when Mrs. Drax made him, After the War* was never really degned to be in scale with the GW minis. Still, he's very, very dear to me, and I look forward to seeing him take the table once more!

Here's to the impending Third Century, eh?!

- Drax.

* His name is a reference to a song: if you don't get the reference but would like to, click here. It's an old Drax Family joke.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

298 For Long-Time Readers: Drax Family Holiday

As I near my 300th post and get increasingly nostalgic, I thought I'd open up a little, especially for those readers who've been with me for a long time and those I've had personal dealings with. In case you're unaware, An old star of my blog is the Regimental Mascot, modelled by Mrs. Drax on our pet corgi, Cadfael.

At 15-and-a-half, Cadfael is now a rather venerable corgi, so when my dad won a small voucher for a holiday cottage, we decided to get away last weekend to Pembrokeshire in Wales - home of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and destination for the First Drax Family Holiday. It was cold, thoroughly enjoyable and fantastically dog-friendly (note the aged hound right up on the battlements!)

If you've read this far, thank you. Please share a glance through a few more pics, and I hope you enjoy the beauty of the castles, the countryside, the regal hound and my lovely girls. The first five are in the awesome 12th Century Pembroke Castle; the last in St David's.

Thanks - D.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

297 Three 1500pt Mixed Lists

Hullo All,

Here's three versions of a general 1500pt list in reverse order. The most recent is what I played with last week - a cracking game against some Chaos space marines which I lost after a good scrap. Please note, this is the only list in which I ever use 'chimeltavets'...out of principle.

Elements of these variants are interchangeable, but some go better with other bits. For example, the Company Commander is useful with all the heavy weapons, but the Primaris Psyker works well riding with the Str6 grenade launcher vets in the chimera. In the most recent game, I tried the bane wolf in lieu of my normal hellhound - it worked well against the filthychaosscum marines.

Hope all's well,

- D.