Sunday 25 November 2018

662 - German E-50 Standardpanzer W-i-P


I've been busy: it's not yet done, but here are some work-in-progress shots of my hulking-great E-50:
 With ''ambush" camouflage, above, and with just the colours blocked in, below.

It should go without saying that it looks far better in real life than these pics can do justice to!

Model by Company B, courtesy of Zzzzzz's generosity.

- Drax.

Friday 16 November 2018

661 - Early-War German Vehicles

Does exactly what it says on the tin: last month I finished off three early-war transports to accompany my captured Bren-PaK36.
 The two Lledo Mack trucks are intended to represent two captured BEF trucks which have been captured and hastily repurposed by the Boche; the open-backed one is supposed to be a requisitioned civvie truck. 

(NB: Here it's seen with the crappy flash)

As they make their way into North-Eastern France, then, my Germans now have the means to actually keep up with their tanks without knackering their horses!

Until next time...

- D. 

Friday 9 November 2018

660 - Bolt Action Game Vs Charlie Foxtrot

Hullo, All. 

I had the singular pleasure - last month - of visiting Charlie Foxtrot HQ in Darkest Cornwall for a game of Bolt Action. What a smashing afternoon it was, too, although I apparently didn't get many photos, alas.
Although the Horsa disappeared before the actual game, it set the scene beautifully, as the Paras had invested the smallholding, and my Heer had the unenviable task of dislodging them.
We played one of the missions from the rulebook - the one with the weird reserve rules where they can potentially arrive from all over the place - and as I was attacking veterans in cover, things were rather stacked against me...but it was super-fun to try!
Here, the Heer advance against the brave Brits. Or try to.
...whilst on my right, my reinforcements arrive - too few.
For a laugh, my troops tried a 'Hail Mary's assault on the farmstead. Their dice rolls - inevitabily - were no better than any of the others.
And this - ultimately - was where I made my final stand. The Brits prevailed utterly, and an enjoyable time was had by all!

With hearty thanks to the marvellous Charlie Foxtrot for his hospitality...not to mention the chance to see his amazing collection of beautifully painted toys and (of course) scenery!

Until next time, then,

- Drax.