Monday 30 May 2011

265 Taking Stock and New Projects

Hi All - here is the news:

1) Work pressure has just eased massively*;

2) I've actually been getting some painting done on the Inner Geek's Ogryn once more, and

3) I've started a new project, the rationale for which follows anon...

The new project is simple and born of frustration. The thought process went like this: (1) I've almost finished my Guard, whichever way you look at it; (2) I really want something new to build; (3) Money's really tight, so I honestly cannot justify spending more than a few quid on anything at all hobby-related, so a valkyrie (for example) would be right out; (4) GW seem to be bumping prices yet again (5) I'd quite like to get into another (small, self-contained) system, but see point 3 above, and no-one else plays them (yet); (6) What can I buid? (7) More scenery? (8) No - I never ever play at home, so that's pointless. I could donate some to the club, but then I'm losing money which I can ill-afford to a club that doesn't really need it (9) Can I build something out of bitz or plasticard? (10) Hmmm...

Hmmm... After some sketching, which I may reproduce in a future post, I came up with some ideas for a dead-simple-to-build-and-reproduce, characterful and cheap-as-chips solution: a decidedly blocky 'landing craft'-type assault vehicle!

Here's the very rough initial cardstock mock-up, with only one track mounting. The idea is that there's a separate engine inside each of the track cowlings (what - are GW going to pick me up on vehicular 'realism'?!):

By the way, if you're interested, the floor space is 3x4" (less 2 square inches for the driver/pilot's cabin) which leaves space enough to physically carry 10 Guard infantry models.

I'm looking forward to building this out of plasticard - I think I'll shell out for some 'treadplate' texture for the floor and ramp.

Do please let me know any thoughts,

- Drax.

*For those in the UK, I'm head of year 11 at my school and they just left!

Saturday 21 May 2011

264 Four-Way Combat Patrol Clash


This post's been a long time coming and - like most of my recent posts - will doubtless NOT be formatted properly. Bloody blogspot. It's my interpretation of the fun and frolics we had at Zzzzzz's place a fortnight ago...the first game, that is - not the apocalypse game. Here 'tis:

Combat Patrol Doubles Clash 07/05/11

4x400pt IG forces –Karitas and Drax defending fixed Loyalist positions, with Zzzzzz and Soviet Space as the attaking Rebel PDF

Overall Summary:

After days of waiting in prepared fortified positions, first sight of the rebel scum made Lt Woolpack see red, so he immediately took the brave and fearless decision to order his men to leave their nice safe trenches and walk slowly down the open glacis slope towards them – forgetting even to run!

The embedded Elysian sniper team had called their elite reserves in, but they were a long time coming, leaving both snipers and allies to the onrushing local PDF – the ‘Tigers’.

Facing only piecemeal resistance on their flank, the lead squad of the Tigers leapt down into the salient bay of the trench and fought their way through the autocannon squad before also destroying the stalwart mortars. Lt Woolpack arrived too late to save them, but after a fight he did at least cleanse the rebel scum from the trenches.

Strangely, their steely march forward in steady, disciplined lines enabled 1, 2 and 3 section – over the course of the skirmish – to rout the entirety of Soviet Space’s force, for overall platoon losses of about 30%.

The Elysian valkyrie, veterans and stormtroopers finally turned up and cleaned out the last of Zzzzzz’s PDF, leaving just Harker and two others.

Good Bits:

The 24th’s ill-advised yet disciplined and amazingly successful slow advance in straight lines over skylined open ground; Soviet Space’s very patient CHQ missile launcher hits the valkyrie and removes a rocket pod; Zzzzzz’s ‘Feather Duster’ Tigers (Catachan PDF) assault and destroy both my heavy weapons squads in turn; my 1 section’s Sgt ‘Hans’ walks his squad right up to the enemy commander and makes him run off; On turn four I realise there’s an objective that I was supposed to have been pursuing. Oops.
Thanks to all who took part - it was a blast! Sorry for the time it's taken me to get this posted...

- Drax.

Sunday 15 May 2011

263 "Back In!"

Hi, All - just a brief one. If you know COTBT, please point him in this direction...

Blogger deleted my last post and its comments(!) before mysteriously reinstating it. Without comments. Now, as I had in fact been about to post a reply to COTBT's question, I lost the chance. Therefore, please find my answer below, complete with an appropriate pic for us all to revel in - the majesty and testosterone of Squadron Commander the Lord Flashheart!

Here's the answer:

Hey, Cobber!

For some bizarre reason, ‘blogger’ has deleted my last post without a trace, but you asked me a question; namely, what did I mean by:

"Real Life (TM) is currently giving me six-of-the-best, trousers-down."

Real Life (trademarked) is that annoying thing that gets in the way of all good bloggers from time-to-time; and the latter part (taken from 90s British sitcom Blackadder) is to take a well-administered spanking, private school-style.

Normal service will resume shortly. Thanks for your patience.

- Drax.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

262 +++Interrupted Transmission+++

Dear All,

Apologies for the radio silence: Real Life (TM) is currently giving me six-of-the-best, trousers-down. This is particularly annoying after last weekend was filled with the absolute awesomeness of gaming with other bloggers. Please see here. More to follow - Hopefully this weekend, eh?

- Chris.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

261 I'm Stylish...Apparently!


Thanks to Tristan over at GWpertinent I'm pleased to note that my blog has been nominated as 'stylish' - and I'm absolutely delighted, thanks! Here are some details (plundered from Tristan, whose stuff is always worth a damned good read...though I daren't comment on his dubious choice of football club...)

The Stylish Blogger Award (given from one blogger to another, one might say), is like a pat on the back for a good job. It's definitely a viral, zombie-like spread of good will so it's too good to pass up. The best bit is I get to nominate my own choices, too...

There are four 'rules':

-- Thank and link back to the person giving you the award (see above)
-- Share seven things about yourself
-- Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
-- Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award

Seven things about me, eh? Hmm...

1) I'm a high school teacher and only two of my colleagues know of my secret hobby. I hate the kids knowing, as the geeky ones'd bug me with questions, so my gaming club is well and truly outside the school's catchment area!
2) I served a few years as an officer in the British Territorial Army - something which permeates my model collection. [My father was a CPO in the Navy and my brother went to Iraq with the RAF as a cook, so between us we collected all three!]
3) There is one student at school who knows my mettle - he's a (junior) Golden Demon winner and bumped into me at Games Day '08
4) I still really miss the AD&D 3.5 campaign I'd been playing each fortnight in Norwich before moving down to Devon
5) Last Friday (29th) - the day of Price William's wedding - we happened upon a street party, and a stranger actually took a picture of my dog simply because he's a corgi!
6) My wife once painted the base of a sentinel for me...with flowers
7) As a general rule I simply cannot stand fantasy fiction.

Lastly, I'm going to choose just ten other blogs (in no order), simply because the computer's being slow and I'm already late for bed on a school night:

Suneokun (pathfinder) - A lovely chap who's brought mortar-love to the blogosphere in a truly kick-ass way.
Col. Corbane (Corbania Prime) - For services to combat medics + ambulances and fantastically simple bases.
The Antipope (122nd Cadian) - Does marvels for the Greek hobby, and his posts are always a delight to read.
Col. Gravis (and his Praetorian Imperial Guard) - The chap whose blog really got me into blogging way-back-when. His models and his sculpts are breathtakingly impressive.
Rasmus Oleson (Catachan Junglefighters by Zacret) - This Danish blog appeared out of nowhere and his minis were perfect right from the start. He's also cornered the market in grace.
Brian (the Inner Geek) - Fantastic painting and he's the only person ever to ask me to comment in an assortment of literary styles.
TSINI (Lucky 88th) - I just love the look of TSINI's models. His tyranids remain the only ones whose scheme I like, too (here).
Klaus (DEI GRECI) - Put simply, if you've not seen his amazing scratch-built models then you've not lived. His dice-rolling tower remains my favourite.
Hal'jin(42nd Cadian) - Is a very talented painter and modeller whose blog is one of the most aesthetically pleasing. And he sometimes writes in Polish.
John Lambshead (John's Toy Soldiers) - not only is his wide-ranging blog always interesting, John also seems tremendously personable and unfailingly polite to any who comment. Thanks, matey!

Obviously there are dozens more I could name but...well...y'know...

A special mention, too, to Zzzzzz over at Devos IV, whose generosity has amazed me in the past, and whose hospitality I'm looking forward to enjoying this weekend.

Long may these blogs and yours triumph!

- Chris.