Monday 20 August 2018

655 - Beyond the Gates of Antares

Hullo All,
Well, it's been a while...not least because I've been abroad - I've spent much of August in the USA, and it's been an absolute blast!

ANYWAY...a few weeks ago, I finally got the chance to get back to my Wednesday gaming group and play Guy again - this time (having put together a bunch of Sarissa scenery for him) to play Antares.

Now, I'll admit: I'm not a big fan of the aesthetic of Warlord's Antares universe - some of it's great, but much of it just isn't to my taste. The gameplay, though, was something I was excited about - a bit like Bolt Action but with d10 instead of the much more limited d6.

I didn't take a huge amount of photos, and I can't remember the details, but the basics are that we played 1000 points; I fielded Concord against Algoryn (all the minis were Guy's) and although we inevitably fudged quite a few of the rules, Concord won quite squarely.

There are a LOT of things about this game that I like, so I fully intend to play more of it when I get back to Blighty. Although I don't intend to buy any more toys, Warlord gave me a free mini rulebook, and I intend to devour it, warts and all. You'll be hearing more yet about Antares, I fancy!

For now, though, blogger is really playing up, so here are just some pics.
My Concord lot
The table, with that gorgeous
(if work-in-progress) Sarissa stuff

I have no idea why blogger insists on left-justifying the pic above (of my transport disgorging its troops)

More details about my thoughts on the Antares game will DEFINITELY follow. This is an interesting one. Hmmm...

- Drax

Thursday 2 August 2018

654 - More Scenery Bits and Bobs

Yup - I've been making more scenery for a friend, so here are a couple of snapshots: 
15mm 4-Ground desert dwellings. They are clever kits and look smashing, but they're fiddly. The one third in was bit very well engineered, sadly.
More 15mm 4-Ground - a beautiful kit with amazing latticework in the windows: three floors plus attic.
 And then there are these bad-boys (Sarissa; Antares): I showed the mine-vent-thingy on the left before; the triangular structure on the right is just the central hub of a new complex I'm building. You'll see it in a future post when it's all done, but last night I actually tried out Antares itself, so I snapped these pics.
Again, another post will follow about the Antares game.

Hope all's well,

- D.